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This page to collect information about the interest of the community to combine development effort to get tcl/tk on Android platform.

Why do we need this tcl/tk on Android?

It's becoming a huge platform:

We have
Mobile phones
Cheap Tablets less then 80 euros
In the near future android in TV-sets
A projector already exists with Android inside.

Tcl/Tk isn't available on these platforms.

People have no problems to install apps. So they migrate away from webcentric which is great for tcl/tk.

What is already available to us: We have jtcl and hecl to start from. My feeling is Hecl is the most closely what we need/want but isn't 100% compatible. A wrapper should be added to Hecl to add TK syntax.

Please add yourself to following table if you are interested to help to get development forward.
NicknameJava knowledgetcl knowledgedocstest/feedback
nobelminorgoodminora lot of physical android devices available
RSfew - looked several times, but hated itmuch?1 tablet, 1 phone

chw - 2013-03-27 12:41:16

chw: What about porting Tcl/Tk native on Android? There's an SDL port for Android on http://libsdl-android.sourceforge.net and there's a SDL backend for Tk on http://wiki.tcl.tk/4607.

MG doesn't know exactly what's involved, and certainly lacks the skills to contribute to such an endeavour himself, but would really love to see Tk ported to Android if at all possible.

MiR: Just wanted to support this. I actually have an old EEE PC as my mobile workhorse and I use lot's of little TCL-TK apps for my needs. What keeps me from upgrading is the lack of Tcl/Tk support on Android and I don't want to hack a tablet into Linux. A native port would be great, rewriting all apps /to hecl or jtcl) is near impossible to me.

bwo: MiR is right, native Tcl/Tk support would enable lots of existing tools to be used on android.

RS On my Android tablet (TrekStor Breeze, 69€) I actually have Pat Thoyts' port of Tcl based on ASE (no Tk). I played around with it in May 2013, and of course with the most juicy parts provided by the android package: speech recognition, text to speech...

Crosspost from Google+:
 "HA!! My Tablet just said "guten Morgen" to me! Using the following Tcl code:
 package require android
 set a [android new]
 proc s args {$::a speak $args}
 s guten morgen

(It is localized to German - attempts at English are forgettable...) Now to plan what I can do with it ;^)"

My plans are mostly to build a tool for my almost-blind father - voice menus, ebook-to-speech (or simpler: just playing audiobook files) and such.. but too many plans, too little time...

RS 2013-12-04 . Now that AndroWish is really nicely growing, I have created that page. For now, I'll only copy relevant content from here to there, (newest first), but if nobody disagrees, let's just move to over there :^)