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Basically Feather is simply a collection of C extensions to Tcl which provides a set of really useful Tcl commands. All of the extensions are Stub enabled (they both use Tcl's Stub interface and provide their own). At the moment is it at version 0.1 because it has no documentation, no tests and no configuration and the C API and to a smaller extent the Tcl API are not stabilised.

Feather requires Tcl8.0 or later with Stubs support.


Feather is made up of the following packages.
The root package which is required by all of the others.
Feather All
The sum of all the other packages.
Feather Command
Provides the infrastructure needed by command objects.
Feather CommandObj
Allows existing commands to be overridden.
Feather Compare
Provides a generic comparison command.
Feather Container
Provides some generic commands for manipulating containers.
Feather CurryObj
Provides a command to curry commands.
Feather Handle
Provides a generic mechanism for passing objects through a string interface.
Feather Hash
Provides an extended version of the Tcl hash functions which allows Tcl_Obj *s to be used as keys. (Patch available).
[Feather HashObj]
Provides a hash container.
Feather LambdaObj
Provides a command to create lambda functions.
Feather MapObj
Provides a map container.
Feather SequenceObj
Provides commands to create sequences of objects.
Feather StructureObj
Provides a command to define and manipulate C like structures.
Feather VectorObj
Provides a vector container (similar to a Tcl list).

From the Tcl chatroom on 2001-12-13:
 NEM: For those interested in C Feather - Paul has *found* his missing code
 NEM: yes Paul Duffin
 dgp: someone grab it quick!
 aku: Yay !!!
 miguel: YEAH! That is great news!
 aku: Thanks for this information. I'll ask to him to send this to me  and others interested in the stuff, like kevin
 NEM: hmm ... I'll have to look and see if I got it
 dgp: ...wonder how well it fits onto the HEAD, though...
 NEM: I think it still needs a lot of rewriting for core inclusion
 dgp: How about a CVS branch for it?

LV 2006 Nov 15: After at least two years, I just wonder whether anyone has ever sat down with the Feather source and determined what features should appear in Tcl 9?