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List of chess and chess-related programs in Tcl
 What: [Scid]
 Where: http://prolinux.free.fr/scid
 Description: A chess database program, which is a continuation of Scid at http://scid.sourceforge.net
 Updated: 05/2007
 Contact: See web site

 What: Scid vs. PC
 Where: http://scidvspc.sf.net/
 Description: A usability fork of Scid, with a nicer gui and new features such as a basic Fischer Chess
        tactical game, and a Computer Engine tournament.
 Updated: 06/2010
 Contact: See web site

 What: chessdb
 Where: http://chessdb.sf.net/
 Description: A chess database program, designed for managing and annotating
        chess games. Does not currently support actual play.
        Currently at version 0.0 .
 Updated: 11/2006
 Contact: See web site

 What: Attic
 Where: http://attic.tsx.org/ ???
 Description: Tcl/Tk interface to FICS chess server which hopefully
        wil support the ICC chess server soon.  Should run on Macs,
        Windows and Unix.  Code is currently beta.
 Updated: 10/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mike Tiller)

 What: GURU Chess
 Where: From the contact
 Description: GURU Chess is an implmentation of internet chess.
        The game uses the GNU chess engine for making moves and a mixture
        of Tcl and awk scripts, C++, Unix shell and HTML for the front end.
 Updated: 06/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Alex Shah)

 What: timer
 Where: ftp://ftp.procplace.com/pub/tcl/sorted/packages-8.0/apps/timer/1.0/timer.tcl
 Description: A timer for chess or other games
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: Unknown

 What: tkChess
 Where: http://pine.cs.yale.edu/cgi-bin/cp
 Description: tclX/tkX extension to support chess-oriented applications.
        Provides support for displaying chessboards, manipulating chess
        positions, server communications, etc.  Based on a very old
        version of Tcl/Tk.
        Currently at version 0.03
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jim Aspnes)

 What: vcboard
 Where: http://www.franken.de/users/vermeer/software/
 Description: Tcl/Tk chess board program.
        Currently at version 0.3a .
 Updated: 09/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

 What: zotzBrothers Chess War
 Where: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zbcw/
 Description: Meta Chess game, currently written in Tcl/Tk.
 Updated: 02/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

 What: pyChess
 Where: http://www.crosswinds.net/%7Eqtm/
 Description: Cross platform peer-to-peer chess program written in Python
        and Tkinter. Tested on Linux and Windows.
        Currently at version 0.1.1
 Updated: 07/2001
 Contact: mailto:qtmstr+fmeat at optonline dot net

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