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A starkit full of almost 90 games and animations, mostly from this Wiki.

---> See Bundle o' Starkits - URL: http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkgamepack.kit

The download is now starsync capable and can be incrementally updated with the following:
 sdx update -from http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/sync.cgi tkgamepack.kit

Latest release 24Mar2005 (button-click fix) - see Games to add section of http://mini.net/tclrevs/13404.43 for a list of the new games added on 23Mar2005.

So, what Tcl/Tk script only games are not yet in tkgamepack? If you are interested, then help by adding or filling in entries in the Games to add section below.

Games to investigate

Games to add

- Please format the text in this section to match the format of a valid Tcl list described later in this page (name, description, url, category). The name will correspond to a filename/directory name, so I recommend against using spaces.

  • [Properly formatted list describing already investigated games]

Rejected games

Binary dependencies

  • Babbleback machine - Snack - thoroughly depends on Snack
  • Asteroids - Snack - should be fairly easy to make this dependency conditional
  • TurnOut {description here} http://wfr.tcl.tk/916 {category here} - Depends on Img - should be fairly easy to make this dependency conditional on Img being available.

Not a game - This is somewhat arbitrary as some "games" that are included aren't games either

Already there


Larry SmithIt will run fine under Tk, but it reads from stdin and writes to stdout - that would have to be changed for Tk. Also, it has only a teeny, tiny, microscopic sketch of a mere shadow of a game built in. It's an engine. No one has ever written a game using it.

Below is an alphabetized list of games that are currently in tkgamepack (sdx version = 2005/03/23 03:41:16 38001-73898). The text is in the form of a valid Tcl list with 4 elements for each game (name description url category). This text will be used to generate the outline used for each new release of tkgamepack.

Categories currently are
 list {Puzzle Games} {Strategy/Board Games} {Action/Arcade Games} {Card Games} Animation Miscelleneous

Games already present

  • 3dmaze {This little game displays 3D mazes. You can adjust the width, height and depth of the maze. You can also try solving the maze by moving around a man with the arrow keys.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4188 {Puzzle Games}
  • AlphabetWheel {Think up a word from a given category that starts with the letter selected by a spinning arrow} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9277 Miscellaneous
  • Asteroids {Remake of the Atari arcade classic} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13601 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • BalanceToy {Balance two plates using a set of weights} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12558 Miscellaneous
  • Breakout {Classic chip away at the bricks computer game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2332 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • BubbleShoot {Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear} http://wfr.tcl.tk/726 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • BubbleSwap {Swap neighboring bubbles to create rows or columns of three or more similar bubbles. See also [#Tkgem]} http://wfr.tcl.tk/734 {Puzzle Games}
  • Cars {A car racing game.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4364 Animation
  • Chess {For two human opponents. Shows/enforces valid moves} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4070 Miscellaneous
  • Coins {A simple memory game using UK coins.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12602 {Card Games}
  • Collapse {Collapse the rising blocks by clicking on colored blocks with three or more neighbors with the same color} http://wiki.tcl.tk/10287 {Puzzle Games}
  • Convolutions {Mesmerizing ASCII animation} http://wiki.tcl.tk/11503 Animation
  • Crossword {A game famous under the trademark Scrabble. Only the board and tiles are implemented a real game cannot really be played.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/10098 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • CrystalsBattle {Select one of seven crystal colors each turn in attempt to engulf more than 50% of the board before your opponent does (human or computer)} http://wfr.tcl.tk/895 {Puzzle Games}
  • Dot2dot {A dot-to-dot game written by Keith Vetter for his 3-year old daughter.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4365 Miscellaneous
  • Dots {The Dots and Boxes Game - a popular "folklore" game. Can be played by two people, or one person against the computer. Contains a built-in help system with detailed instructions.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4211 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • ElevatorToy {Simulation of an elevator with counter balance} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12505 Animation
  • Eliminator {A fun little puzzle game, similar to TkSokoBan.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9018 {Puzzle Games}
  • Ferris {A study in canvas animation simulating a Ferris Wheel, vaguely inspired by the famous landmark of Vienna.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8763 Animation
  • Flagman { Flag signalling in Tcl. A signal mate holds two flags at different angles to represent letters.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/3208 Miscellaneous
  • Flags {Maritime Signal Flags. Lets you play with both semaphore flags and with signal flags.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4504 Miscellaneous
  • Frogger {Hop across the road and over the river without getting squashed or drowning} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2332 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • Go {A little Go board.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/889 Miscellaneous
  • Hangman {Guess the word before being hung} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9278 Miscellaneous
  • HanoiTowers {Move discs entirely from one tower to another without placing a larger one on a smaller one} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13143 Miscellaneous
  • Hearts {Card game in early stages of development with only a rudimentary computer opponent} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13582 {Card Games}
  • Hexplode {A strategy game play by two or more human or computer players on a honeycomb board with hexagonal cells. See also [#Tkoverload].} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2332 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Hextris {Hextris (a version of tetris) with multiplayer mode.} http://tcl.activestate.com/community/hobbs/tcl/tclet/tetris {Puzzle Games}
  • Horses {A little horse-racing game: ten horses (you can edit their names if you don't like my defaults) run at random speed from left to right. The first three to reach the finish are listed at the bottom.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/3467 Miscellaneous
  • Iconnect4 {A Connect four in a row game that has a Computer opponent.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8905 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • JigsawPuzzler {Create and solve jigsaw puzzles} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13269 {Puzzle Games}
  • Juggler {An animated demo shows a person juggling from 3 to 20 balls - by Keith Vetter.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4801 Animation
  • Kaleidoscope {Click with mouse to see the kaleidoscope pattern change} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12385 Miscellaneous
  • Lightsout {Turn off the lights puzzle game. Same as [#Merlin].} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12376 {Puzzle Games}
  • MagicCards {A classic automatic Guess-the-number magic trick} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12639 Miscellaneous
  • Mancala {Mancala (or Mankala) is an ancient african board game with many variations. Here is an implementation based on an Egyptian version.} { http://wiki.tcl.tk/4297} {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Marbles {Falling marbles - a fun little animation of marbles cascading down a peg board.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8825 Animation
  • Mastermind {A Tcl/Tk implementation of the well known Mastermind (Superhirn) game. Prepared for german and english environments.} {} {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Maths {A game for practicing arithmetic: addition, addition and subtraction, multiplication, and number bonds} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13271 Miscellaneous
  • Memory {A memory game using colorful shapes/patterns. See also [#Coins]} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9279 {Card Games}
  • Merlin {Merlin is a puzzle game. Merlin is based upon an electronic game from the 1970's that was also called Merlin. Same as [#Lightsout]} http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~np2/software/merlin.html {Puzzle Games}
  • Morris {From the Popular Board Game series, here's Nine Men Morris.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/888 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • MorseCode {A little morse code trainer} http://wiki.tcl.tk/3938 Miscellaneous
  • Onceinalifetime {Solitaire card game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/11193 {Card Games}
  • Overandout {Jump over pegs to remove them. Try to take out all but the last peg} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9280 {Puzzle Games}
  • Parchisi {A little Parchisi game (in Germany known as Mensch aergere dich nicht and in England as Ludo), featuring the classical board, a lightly animated die, and moving pieces. Human opponents only and rulst are not enforced by the software} http://wiki.tcl.tk/956 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Patience {A solitaire card game with lots of rules and card images. You can play alone, against the computer or against another player on the net.} http://patience.sourceforge.net/ {Card Games}
  • Plusminus {Computerized version of a board game from the mid-1900s of the same name. Strategically play cards to move your players along the board and gain the highest score} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13270 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • PolyhedronNets {Polyhedron nets for all five Platonic solids and several of the thirteen Archimedean solids. Creates postscript files that can be printed} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8528 Miscellaneous
  • Puzzleblocks {Drag, rotate and drop blocks to assemble a bird or a boat.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8887 {Puzzle Games}
  • Ramble {A tile-based dungeon crawling game in the spirit of Angband and the original Ultima games} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13248 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Revello {A simple yet interesting game that was sold under the trademarks Reversi or Othello} http://wiki.tcl.tk/10441 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Rushhour {A sliding block puzzle} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12391 {Puzzle Games}
  • SantaHouse {Draw the "house of Santa Claus" in one continuous stroke, without lifting the pen, or drawing a line twice} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13695 {Puzzle Games}
  • Scat {The card game Scat, also known as 31, Ride the Bus and Blitz} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8810 {Card Games}
  • Setgame {Implementation of the mind-bending card matching game trademarked under the name Set} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2332 {Puzzle Games}
  • SpaceInvaders {Another classic arcade game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13834 {Arcade Games}
  • Spider {Solitaire card game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/11317 {Card Games}
  • Spirograph {Simulates the kid's game of SpiroGraph.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4206 Miscellaneous
  • Starfield {Display an animated starfield. Try clicking and dragging the mouse.} { http://wiki.tcl.tk/3250} Animation
  • Sudoku {A puzzle included in The Times newspaper in the UK since November 2004} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13272 {Puzzle Games}
  • Symdoodle {Symmetric doodler that mirrors freehand drawing horizontally and vertically} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2859 Miscellaneous
  • Tangram {Move shapes to create pictures. See also [#Puzzleblocks]} http://wiki.tcl.tk/11380 {Puzzle Games}
  • TclBrix {Use shapes as building blocks to construct pictures} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4330 Miscellaneous
  • Tetris {Tetris with multiplayer mode (Netris!).} http://tcl.activestate.com/community/hobbs/tcl/tclet/tetris {Puzzle Games}
  • Tictactoe {A little Tic Tac Toe game.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/898 {Strategy/Board Games}
  • TiltMaze {The idea is based on puzzles in which a ball rolls around in a tray. Similar to [#Eliminator]} http://wiki.tcl.tk/10486 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tk_bugz { A variation of the classic arcade game "Galaxian." A little raw but fun anyway.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4236 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • Tkattaxx {Implementation of the popular Ataxx arcade game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/7666 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkbomb {Hexagonal version of a bomb finding game.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2601 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkchallenger {A tcl/tk game that lets you solve the Challenger puzzles that you find in the daily paper.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/4291 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkgem {The object of the game is to swap neighboring gems to create rows or columns of three or more similar gems. When you do so, those gems explode and all the gems above slide down and new gems fill in the top. The more gems you explode in a turn the more points you get.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9052 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkgoldberg {a Rube Goldberg type animation, the design of which comes from an New Years e-card from IncrediMail} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8607 Animation
  • Tkjewel {A dropping jewels game in Tcl/Tk ported from xjewel.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/9130 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkmaze {Computer players with "lefty/stupid/righty" strategies.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/2559 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkmines {Minesweeper game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/7779 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkoutline {Not a game, but parts of tkoutline are used as the infrastructure for launching these games. Click to see the full version of tkoutline.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/tkoutline Miscellaneous
  • Tkoverload {A game similar to the Overload shareware game from Astatix. See also [#Hexplode]. } http://wiki.tcl.tk/4354 {Puzzle Games}
  • Tkpente {A two-player version of the popular Pente game. The object of the game is to get five pieces in a row, or to capture ten of your opponents pieces. This program can also play be the newer Keryo rule set.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/tkpente {Strategy/Board Games}
  • Tkpool {Playing pool (snooker, billiards). From the wiki, by Neil Madden} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8656 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • Tksnake {a snake that creeps around its place, eating fruit where available and growing from it} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8789 {Action/Arcade Games}
  • Tksokoban {Another game with cool graphics / advanced move functions / undo / redo / keyboard or mouse control.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/7847 {Puzzle Games}
  • TkTris {Another version of tetris (see also [#Tetris])} http://free.house.cx/~eil/tktris.html {Puzzle Games}
  • Tripeaks {Solitaire card game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13092 {Card Games}
  • Vertigo {Set the people free and destroy all bricks. Similar to [#Collapse]} http://wiki.tcl.tk/13492 {Puzzle Games}
  • Videopoker {Video poker game of "Jacks or Better." You can bet between 1 and 5 quarters per game} http://wiki.tcl.tk/8987 {Card Games}
  • Wordjumble {Find all combinations of words length 3-6 from given letters before time runs out} http://wiki.tcl.tk/10354 {Puzzle Games}
  • Wordsearch {Find words hidden in a grid of letters} http://wiki.tcl.tk/12430 {Puzzle Games}
  • Yahtzee {A little Yahtzee game.} http://wiki.tcl.tk/957 {Strategy/Board Games}