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Napier is a Tcl Developer who utilizes Tcl for various Home Automation needs and requirements for Dash Automation, LLC.

Open Source  edit

  • Tcl Modules Repo - A library of Tcl Micro Modules & Packages meant to provide a set of common tools. Like a micro-tcllib with many pacakges built by Dash / Napier as well as taken from the best parts of this wiki!
  • Tcl Task Manager - Scheduling of execution of commands in many various ways. Introspection, logic handling, and more of your tasks. Schedule absolute, relative, recurring, and more.
  • Tcl-Cluster-Comm - A complete replacement for "comm" which provides service discovery, security, and multi-protocol protocol negotiation.
  • Command Option Parsing - A TIP / Discussion about better handling for options/switches in proc, apply, and method. Including reference implementation.
  • Websocket - An unfinished (complete for clients but untested rework of the tcllib websocket package aimed at fixing some of the bugs (namely the handling of timeouts which often causes background errors out of the control of the user). Utilizes TclOO for session management.