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Microsoft Windows, also known simply as Windows, is a proprietary operating system.

Description  edit

Windows has evolved over the years, and its feature set has changed dramatically. This Wiki has a fair amount of information on the subject of Microsoft Windows and Tcl and Microsoft Windows and Tk.

2015-05-04 APN Content on this page, much of which was duplicated, has been merged into the above pages.

Versions  edit

Major versions of Windows include:
Windows 95
Windows 98
[Windows XP]
Windows Vista
Windows Aero
Windows Mobile 2003
Windows CE/Windows/CE
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows 2003
Windows 7
Windows 8

Tcl 8.6 requires Windows XP or later. Use 8.4/8.5 for earlier releases.

Other Windows API Implementations  edit

Microsoft is no longer the only provider of the platforms implementing the Windows API: just by far the most dominant. There's also Wine (providing support for Windows apps on platforms like Linux, FreeBSD and [BeOS]) and ReactOS (providing an alternative Windows compatible operating system).

peterc 2008-06-13: getWindowsAPIVendor is a small but handy proc for detecting which win32 code base your app is really running on: Wine, ReactOS or Microsoft Windows. This can be used for tuning your app or informing the user of support/non-support.

Unix-like environments for Windows  edit

Microsoft Services for Unix