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Windows Mobile 2003 is Microsoft's re-branding of their PocketPC Windows/CE based operating system for the post PocketPC 2002 version.

MNO I haven't yet been able to get Tcl/Tk to run correctly on this platform with celib [1] - some things work, but sockets in particular seem to be broken.

Sockets code triggers an error which leads to a dialog box with "tcl: select: 10022" in it, both when using the Rainer Keuchel Tcl 8.4a2 and the 8.4.6 port by Jeffrey Hobbs. I did see a reference [2] in an online discussion forum to this same message where the poster reckoned that the error occurred when there was no data on the socket. This could be the case in my application also since I see some data appear before the dialog box pops up and the application dies.

Other code (e.g. iFile 1.1) seems to work.

I suspect, however, this sockets error may be a problem in celib under WM2003, rather than in Tcl/Tk itself. My preliminary attempts to compile celib specifically for WM2003 using MS eVC++ 4 have failed miserably, but this could just be that my eVC environment is not set up correctly yet.

VK I succeeded building celib with eVC 4: first I modified makefile.ce (renamed it to makefile.ceu, u=universal), then I created Perl script that given arguments as platform/version executes commands with environment variables set up properly, so to invoke any makefile. There were some keystrokes to do, but generally things were smooth.

I did got about 46 directories with celib binaries in it, with names like wince-mipsiv_fp-pocket-wce410-release and tried that afterwards, yet I played a bit with memory allocators and tried to figure out reasons of some quirks. But nothing that I can report very essential about.

Moreover, I think that people tend to move towards MS eVC++ without celib, because it probably has more functions implemented that were missing earlier. </VK>

RS: Does anybody have experience with
 set dev [open com1: RDWR]
 fconfigure $dev -mode 4800,N,8,1

on Windows Mobile, or whatever it's called this year?-) I have been asked this question from a German user, who says the fconfigure fails for him, as -mode is not supported.

Also see Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone. The Smartphone variation typically runs on cell phones, has a smaller, non-touch sensitive screen, and limited input capabilities.

RFox - 2012-08-07 14:50:52

I believe that -mode is an 8.5-ism and that's why it does not work under the 8.4 ports being described earlier in this page.