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An embeddable Scheme implementation, intended by the FSF to be the universal scripting engine [1].

The project has apparently abandoned Guile Tk (guile-tk, ...) in favor of guile-gtk [2].

A quote from the Guile tutorial at [3]: "One of the things that Scheme as a programming language is particularly good at is the emulation of other programming languages. This means that your users don't actually have to write their extension scripts in Scheme; instead, they can write the scripts in Tcl or Python, and just load up the appropriate chunk of Scheme code to emulate that language. (Or at least they will be able to, when the appropriate translators have been written.)"

Hmm.. translators that appropriately implement things like fileevent, encoding, interp ...(RS)

RMS told his version of the story of Guile, with explicit remarks about Tcl, in a speech called "My Lisp Experiences ..." [4]. [Also link to "What's going on ..."]

freshmeat lists 43 projects that mention Guile and 430 for tcl.