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What: CMT (Berkeley Continuous Media Toolkit)
Where: http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/projects/cmt/
Description: Tcl toolkit to support simultaneous continuous media playback in a portable fashion, supporting a variety of media devices. The toolkit also comes with cmplayer which can be used to play MPEG-1, MJPEG, SPARC audio, and CMT movie scripts.
Updated: 08/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected]
mailto:[email protected] (Admin for CMT mailinglist)

See also Plume for an application which supports CMT's cmplayer.

CMT version 3.0b3

Nsync: a declarative multimedia synchronization toolkit, implemented entirely in Tcl, designed to ease the complexity of designing innovative, interactive multimedia applications. Nsync does not represent a new multimedia synchronization model; rather, it provides a set of building blocks in the form of temporal and non-temporal constraints useful for specifying both the synchronization and interaction properties of an application. Nsync depends only on the logical time system provided by the Berkeley Continuous Media Toolkit, thus allowing any application using a similar notion of time to also benefit from the Nsync constraint mechanism. Nsync presents a new and powerful environment for rapid development of highly interactive multimedia applications.

Berkeley MPEG Tools includes:

  • mpeg_play A portable software-only MPEG-1 video decoder.
  • mpeg_encode A software-only MPEG-1 video encoder.
  • MPEG-1 Video Analyzers:
  • mpeg_stat thoroughly analyzes MPEG streams by analyzing or printing out most of the information in the stream
  • mpeg_blocks is a visual tool which displays the blocks and motion vectors of an MPEG stream as it is being played via the Tcl/Tk toolkit.
  • mpeg_bits graphically depicts the distribution of bits in the macroblocks of an MPEG stream. This program also uses the Tcl/Tk toolkit.