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Description:Extension to provide cross platform icon creation library for Tcl/Tk programmers. Icons are represented by simple text files. Includes an icon viewing application.
Currently at version 2.0.
Contact:See web site

adavis (3rd July 2013): ICONS 2.0 has been released and is available from:-



  • Adds support for libraries containing PNG image data.
  • Adds support for directories/folders containing GIF/PNG image files.
  • Enhanced viewIcons:
    • Interface now uses ttk widgets.
    • Adds support to display images from directories/folders containing GIF/PNG image files.

Adrian Davis' (adavis) ICONS package [1] is intended to provide a cross platform icon library facility for Tcl/Tk programmers. The package contains several libraries of icons, a viewer application, and a supporting Tcl library.

The icon libraries come from several different sources, most of which seem to be related to the KDE project. For example, here is an inline image of one of the icons.

The viewer application can display an icon library. Clicking on one of the icons copies the appropriate image create command to the clipboard, so you can paste the code directly into your application.

The supporting Tcl library allows you to manipulate the icon libraries from your application code.

adavis (5th November 2004): A new Icon Library (eda), Created by Shaun Deacon for "Electronic Design Automation" (EDA), is now available from the ICONS [2] website.

LV I notice on the above mentioned web site that, on the download page, there is both an icons tar file and a variety of icons-SOMESTRING tar file. Are these separate, distinct files that need to be downloaded, or are the icons-SOMESTRING just subsets of what is in the plain icons tar file?

adavis (19th April 2005): They are separate. The "icons" file only contains the KDE font. The other files contain alternative font libraries.

LV I presume that where you write "font" you meant to write "icons"?

adavis (20th April 2005) I do indeed mean "icons" - Sorry about that.

[bugant] I've created a tk-goodies package which provides an icons package. You can use it in order to be able to build icons and use them on your Tk applications. Using it you can use any Tango compilant (with respect to its naming specs) icons theme. For additional info, screenshots and download visit tk-goodies website [3]