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What: MegaWidget package
Where: http://core.tcl.tk/widget/
Description: Tk 8.x megawidget capability. While tested thru Tk 8.0b2, some problems still remained under Windows with Tk 8.
Megawidgets included in this package are combobox, console, hierarchy list display, progressbar, tabnotebook, validating entry widget, and scrolledtext. Also, support for balloon help and paned window management are included. The latest CVS snapshot can be found in the widget-*tar.gz file at the ftp site above.
Updated: 11/2003
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

escargo 18 Mar 2003 - I downloaded this package and tried TOUR.tcl. Some parts worked and other parts did not seem to work (just absent behavior, no errors were thrown). Has anybody tried this package with Tk 8.4?

(I'm trying to compare some different tabnotebook implementations, and this page came up when I searched for "tabnotebook*" on the Wiki.)

It looks like at least the license needs to be updated....

JH - that is an old link. You will find an updated version in cvs as part of the tcllib SF project, as a separate module named widget. It is not in tcllib itself, just next to it in development space.

escargo 10 Nov 2003 - I found it, but it seems like an amazing number of hoops to jump through. Shouldn't there be a more accessible way to make accessible code that is not in tcllib itself, just next to it in development space (even if it's only in an as-is archive)?

LV Nov 11, 2003 See the updated URLs above for documentation (first URL) and directory with the latest source in a tar file (second URL).

escargo 14 Nov 2003 - Trying to run the TOUR (using ActiveTcl 8.4.4 on Windows XP Pro SP1) gives an error. (It certainly makes me wish that the text in dialog boxes was selectable!) I just clicked on the C:\Tcl\lib\widget\demo\TOUR.tcl file, and the error message that starts the traceback says,
 megawidget initialization error: expected integer but got "--1"

JH Fixed above problem on 2 Dec 2003. These widgets are not 100% updated for changes in 8.4 (like the one above). They need some replumbing, but now the demo works.

Anyone know what type of box is used for the errors of the type escargo mentions above? I notice all too often Tk applications which generate error boxes where the text is all in the box itself, and cannot be selected. This is different from the error boxes which provide the user buttons for skipping or viewing the error messages; those boxes do allow the text to be selected and passed along.

escargo 4 Dec 2003 - I had a chance to download the newer widget package. The tour now starts, but some of the demos don't work, and others put out error messages. There were problems with the Megalist and Ventry tabs.
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'combobox.tcl'
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'console.tcl'
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'hierarchy.tcl'
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'megalist.tcl'
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'progressbar.tcl'
 ## Couldn't determine file for package 'ventry.tcl'

(These messages I was able to cut and paste!) Combobox, Console, Hierarchy, and Progressbar seem to work. Ventry does not work completely. Megalist is missing in action.

(In case you were wondering why I was looking at this code, my goal is to use Snit to write some widget adapters that use a common interface to talk to different implementations of similar widgets. I was going to try notebook widgets and hierarchy lists.)

LV So what is the intended future of this package? Does Tile provide all the megawidget functionality needed in Tk? If not, then is it the intention that this package make its way into Tk?

Jeffrey Hobbs