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Author: Chad Smith

This appeared in January, 2000.

This book is a complete reference manual for itcl, as well as covering OO design issues, etc. Covers fundamentals, as well as advanced topics such as overloading, code reuse, multiple inheritance, abstract base classes, performance issues. Also covers itk and the 56 iwidgets. This is a tutorial approach rather than an encyclopedic approach to covering the material.

Unfortunately, this book is now out-of-print. It can still be gotten from used book retailers, but at a premium cost. Marty Backe

Too bad that people didn't buy more copies, and thus keep it in print.

I learned about the book going out-of-print when I talked with Chad a few weeks ago. He too was obviously disappointed with Osborne dropping the book. FWIW, it is available at http://www.books24x7.com/ if you happen to have a subscription. Marty Backe

escargo 6 Jan 2003 - I bought one of two available copies at the MicroCenter store in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, today. So, it might be out of print, but there are still copies available in certain places.

We bought one at https://www.megabytebooks.com//catalogue/264/0072121068/index.html in april 2003. Vico 4 Jun 2003

Anyone want to sell a copy of this book to me? It's been around now for a few years. I'd pay a premium to a user of this wiki. I'd rather give someone here the money before going out of pay a premium to a bookseller who doesn't give a damn about TCL or incr-TCL.



JH: I have a few copies that I could bring to the Tcl conference in October, for those interested.

Check here: http://www.baccah.com/book.asp?ISBN=0072121068 I don't know if they still have it, but 240 L.E is like 50$

Since the book is out of print, don't the rights revert back to the author? Would he be interested in making it freely available, possibly as a PDF? I already own a copy and I love it, but a searchable PDF or HTML would make my life easier.

RLH 2005-08-02: That is a good suggestion. Has anyone asked the author about it? It would be nice if books like this could become a user commentable wiki so that users actually using itcl could update the information. I know, I am a dreamer. : )

2006-12-20: The examples in the book are still available for downloading at: http://www.osborne.com/downloads/downloads.shtml Just look for the book title in the long alphabetized list.

MHo 2009-11-09 - If someone is still interested: I'm willing to give away my copy of this book, because I never use it any more. I know this could be a mistake, though... Sorry No IRC. Should I offer it at amazon or ebay? I think 20 EUR would be a fair price...?

bch 2009-11-22 - If above comment is back to me, drop me a note: tclwiki <at> methodlogic <dot> net. Cheers :)

bch 2009-11-09 - I'm interested, if you're still offering. Can arrange details on IRC (yukonbob), or by email?

LV Particularly since itcl is a part of Tcl 8.6...

RLH 2011-08-08 - Does anyone have any extras of this book?

MHo I still own a copy, as the attempt to sell it failed for a reason I don't remember...

RLH If you tried on Amazon...I can see why. If you are in the US and still want to sell give me a price [sigzero AT gmail DOT com]

MHo I'm outside the US (in Germany). RLH - Rats! :)

MHo I've just advertised the book at ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/incr-Tcl-Tk-from-the-GROUND-UP-/291023069638?pt=Sach_Fachb%C3%BCcher&hash=item43c253a1c6