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This page describes the Fourth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting held May 30-31, 2003 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The presentations of this meeting are available at the EuroTcl site.

Organized by Michael Haschek and Reinhard Max.

pre-night BOF (Birds of a Feather meeting on the evening before) was at the Lederer beergarden.

About 40 persons attended: 3 from the Netherlands, 1 each from USA (Clif Flynt), Canada (Andreas Kupries), Italy (Franco Violi), Poland, Sweden (Veronica Loell) - the rest were from Germany. In spite of very hot weather, everything went well, except that time schedules were not always exactly met ;-) Lunch was at an Italian restaurant opposite the Fachhochschule, evenings saw us in beer gardens and continue discussions.

RS talked about i18n - Tcl for the world - slides at iShow.

The closing demonstration by Reinhard Max of tkPhone (telephony via IP) linked us with Steve Landers in Australia and let him hear our "Happy Birthday" chorus around the world. (RS)

TV On my latest (tclhttpd served) diary page there are some conference pictures and some surroundings. It's in buildup, and I expect to add some small video fragments in various formats soon.

(june 19 2003) After a while, I put some little part of most every speakers performance in chronological order in video, without much further production..

You can for the moment download one of two versions, about 5 megabytes large to get an impression, in fairly low quality. I'll see what the server will be doing bandwidthwise, it can handle over 10kB/s, but not serious video rates.

Mail me (theover#tiscali.nl) for a CD, I guess I can burn them for 10 euros if there is interest, then the quality is profi, and I can include all raw materials if someone is interested. This is a (fairly standard) mpeg version. And this is a real player version. I added this windows media player (9?) version of about 6 megabytes, which is qualitywise the most pleasing.

TV (june 23 2003, 18:32) It seems my server is not responding, I´m in another place, it should be back up tonight..

[1] is Clif Flynt's report of the conference, in ;login: August 2003.