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What: CCVS (Credit Card Verification System)
 Where: http://www.hks.net/  (DEAD LINK)
        http://www.hks.net/ccvsdownload.html  (DEAD LINK)
 Description: CCVS lets a Unix computer act like a Point Of Sale (POS)
        terminal.  Can be used to clear credit cards.  Comes with APIs
        for C, Tcl and Perl to be integrated in existing systems.
        Can be used for batch processing of credit card charges.  Next
        version will add check verification and guarantee, a Java API and
        compatibility with additional processing protocols.
 Updated: 02/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Does anyone have a copy of the above code?

MAK - Not exactly, but poking around www.archive.org it seems that www.hks.net started redirecting to pages at redhat.com somewhere around 2001, and searching redhat.com for CCVS comes up with a number of links (no idea if it's the same thing), some of which imply a license key may be required for it to operate in other than a demo capacity.

CM - I guess this page: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ccvscreditcardverificationsystem/ indicates where (ftp server) to find it, but as someone mentioned it is definitely a proprietary application from RedHat (not free software at all).

LV I'm not certain that the above catalog entry was supposed to indicate a free software package. P.S. that freshmeat pointer is also stale. At least it is not just the Tcl community with stale URLs.


http://ats.nist.gov/cgi-bin/cgi.tcl/creditcard.cgi is a Tcl-based CGI script that demonstrates all the known syntactic validity checks for most credit cards. Once there, click on the "See the Tcl script" link to see the code that implements the page.