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RS writes that " i18n stands for that word with 'i' in front, 'n' at the end, and 18 letters in between - internationalization, adapting software to non-English language environments." Also, he provides an algorithmlet to produce such abbreviations:
 proc n2n s {
   return [string index $s 0][string length [string range $s 1 end-1]][string index $s end]
 % n2n internationalization
 % n2n localization

AMG: I'd avoid generating the substring only to take its length:
proc n2n {s} {
    return [string index $s 0][expr {[string length $s] - 2}][string index $s end]

Tcl/Tk is an excellent base for i18n, with Unicode, encoding support, and Tk's automatic font finding. In another take at localization (l10n), the community has collected a number of translations of the constitutional Tcl man page - see Endekalogue.

The i18n package contains most of what RS has done in i18n so far.

i18n - writing for the world or, newer, i18n - Tcl for the world

Introduction to i18n: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/intro-i18n/


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