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What x-files
Where http://www.hut.fi/u/mkivinie/X-Files/ - dead link, not archived
Description X-Files is a graphical file management program for Unix/X. User-configurable action buttons supported. Easy configuration. Transparent access to tar, zip, lharc, rar, rpm, compressed tar packages. Pop up menu for quick use of basic file operations. Directory history, safe delete, short cut keys, context sensitive help. Requires Tcl 7.4 or newer, preferably a 3 button mouse, and Unix/X. V2.00 beta 1 requires Tcl 8.0 or higher, and includes ftp support as well as other things. Note that the primary http site is only available during daylight hours at this time.
Updated 1999-05
Contact mailto:[email protected]
mailto:[email protected]