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A file manager or file browser is a tool designed to provide the user the means of navigating through folders/directories, providing various functionality fromopen this file with this tool to process this set of files via this application.

File Managers  edit

The following are some file managers/browsers which have either been written in Tcl or make use of Tcl in some way.
Tcl/Tk 8.0 and ANSI C based file manager, either local or via ftp. GPS: When I first started using Linux (Redhat 5.2) FileRunner was great. It has a lot of features, and of course is written in Tcl/Tk. It's fairly easy to modify too. I haven't used it in years, because I now use terminals for almost everything in Unix, but I still recommend it. D. McC I agree. I've used FileRunner since 1999. It's the fastest and most comprehensible file manager I've seen on any operating system.
iFile: a little file system browser
next-style file manager
Not A Commander (nac)
WISH File Rusher
David S. Cargo 2002-09-25: I have used on a variety of systems is X-Files [1]. I have not seen any signs of recent development (like this century), but I used the version 1.43 on a variety of systems.

† These file managers no longer have a live project website. ‡ This is only a file browser without copy/move features.

Non-Tcl File Managers  edit

The first of these is, of course an application which is all too familar to a large segment of the community.
Not a file manager in itself, but it offers all you desire from a modern manager tool.
Windows Explorer
Total Commander
Midnight Commander
FAR Manager
Double Commander
better known as an image viewer
NDN (Dos Navigator)

Utilities  edit

tkImageViewer - for Mask-Selecting Images from a Directory Hierarchy
tkMediaPlayer - to Batch-Select-and-Play Movie & Audio files in a Directory Hierarchy
A Tachometer-style Meter --- for File System Usage
NeXT-style file browser, by Kevin Walzer