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Index of pages describing the implementation of Tcl and Tk, especially including the Tcl C source code, how it works and how to go about integrating with and modifying it. Especially useful for core maintainers and TIP authors.

Discussion edit

escargo 27 Apr 2005 - What about pages having to do with byte code compiling? That's internal to the interpreter and below the level of Tcl, but does not have to do with "describing the Tcl C source code"?

LV I think you make a good argument for bytecode related topics being in this category. Note that, at the moment, we don't have any Wiki Category Police so people can, and often do, just go ahead and make a decision...

Lars H, 2008-01-06: I notice many of the pages in this category, in particular those having to do with auto_*, doesn't fit the definition given. I can think of two ways to fix this:

  1. Create a new category for these kind of built-in things and move them there. The best name I've come up with so far is however [Category init.tcl], which feels like it could be improved.
  2. Instead move other stuff to the (already existing, but undeveloped) Category Core. This would however leave the "integrating with" clause above hanging, and I'm not sure [Category Internals] fit e.g. the auto_* stuff any better than [Category init.tcl] does.

Opinions, anyone?

DKF: Looks to me like Category Core ought to be merged with this one. I've adjusted the definition of the category to deal with the fact that not all Tcl's internals are written in C any more...

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