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TclRFB ,by Mac Cody , is a pure-Tcl implementation of the Remote Framebuffer ([RFB]) protocol that is used in the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) [remote desktop] application." [1]

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Documentation  edit

Create a VNC system with tclRFB ,Cameron Laird ,2003-08-05

Description  edit

RFB is "remote framebuffer". Think of it as VNC's "platform".

Zarutian 2006-07-30 23:08: hmm... an simple subrect application might be in order and quite handy when you want to show someone via VNC a part of your screen rather the whole screen. (Implementation notes/ideas: four windows using same technique as spiffy caution edged window as the perimeter markers. Just pipe from an already running VNC server through the application.)