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Operating system of IBM AS/400 mainframes (called "minicomputers", not "mainframes", by some). Transaction-oriented (that is, designed for lots of I/O but unchallenging computation; [RPG] is a "native language"); nothing to do with AIX.

Tcl/Tk has been ported there: [1]

  • Tcl 7.6, Tk 4.2
  • Requires OS/400 V4R4 or later
  • The distribution includes the XLIB portion of X Window/400, the Tcl command interpreter, and the Tk (wish) console OS/400 V4R5 is required DB2 access.
  • [VTCL] - a GUI builder written completely in Tcl/Tk by Stewart Allen, is included free of charge.
  • REXEC and RSH (Remote Shell) - two remote execution command daemons for starting AS/400 applications and commands from remote workstations.
  • 15-day free trial download, after that it costs about USD 750.

kroc For Windows & AS400 look here: [2] and for linux & AS400 it's here: [3]

In 2000, IBM changed the branding (again!). The hardware is now "eServer", and the "platform" is "iSeries" [4]. So no one writes of AS/400; from here on, it's iSeries. It's not consistent, at least to engineers; IBM still needs to say "OS/400" occasionally, because in fact the company makes available implementations of Linux, AIX, and Windows2000, along with OS/400, to run on iSeries hosts.

It changed again. In 2004, "i5/OS" succeeded OS/400. Instead of calling them "iSeries", they're now "eServer i5"-s, to emphasize that the identical hardware hosts Linux and AIX, sometimes simultaneously.

As of fall 2005, [Vaclav Snajdr] reports that binaries of a port which knows enough to be able to invoke legacy Cobol and [RPG] applications are available for download from http://www.openlegacy.de/ .