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Ajuba Solutions was the last incarnation of the company formed by John Ousterhout. The emphasis by this incarnation was Business to Business ecommerce software, with a de-emphasis on the scripting glue that made it all possible - Tcl. Up until late (northern-hemisphere) Spring 2000, the company was known as Scriptics.

http://www.ajubasolutions.com/ was the commercial entrance point to their web site, but that is no longer a valid link.

The reason is that during late fall (northern-hemisphere) 2000, Ajuba Solutions was purchased by Interwoven. At that point the developers, for the most part, moved on to other companies (mostly non-Tcl related).

http://dev.scriptics.com/ was the Tcl Developer Xchange web entrance which Ajuba Solutions hosted for us (thanks!) where developers will find resource catalogs, web forums, download pages for various versions of Tcl and Tk, etc. It has moved and evolved into http://tcl.activestate.com/ and now http://www.tcl.tk. See Tcl Developer Xchange.

2000-10-20: from http://www.interwoven.com/news/press/2000/1020ampr.html

Interwoven Extends its Technology Lead in Enterprise-Class Content Management with Acquisitions of Metacode Technologies and Ajuba Solutions

Acquisitions Accelerate Development of Intelligent Content Tagging and Augment Interwoven's XML Engineering Team

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 20, 2000 - Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), the leading provider of enterprise-class content management software, today announced definitive agreements to acquire two privately-held companies, Metacode Technologies and Ajuba Solutions. Metacode is a leading developer of content tagging and taxonomy technology. Ajuba is a developer of XML solutions. Both acquisitions will help Interwoven extend its technology leadership position in content management. ...

Under the terms of the agreements, an aggregate value of approximately $150 million in Interwoven common stock and stock options will be exchanged for the capital stock and stock options of Metacode and approximately $31 million in Interwoven common stock and stock options will be exchanged for the capital stock and stock options of Ajuba. These transactions will be accounted for as purchases and are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of Interwoven's fiscal year 2000. "The financial impact of these acquisitions had already been considered in our business plans and financial projections discussed in our recent Q3 earnings conference call," commented Interwoven CFO Dave Allen. The acquisitions have been approved by the board of directors of each company and are subject to various closing conditions. ...

The Ajuba acquisition will allow Interwoven to accelerate its FY2001 product plans. The Ajuba team will be assimilated into Interwoven's existing technical staff much as the Neonyoyo team was immediately after its acquisition in June. The Ajuba product line will be discontinued.

So is that the end of the story that began in Berkeley and went via Sun and Scriptics to Ajuba what!? - RS

Ralph Hempel writes in news:comp.lang.tcl :
 I remember the sinking feeling I had when I hit the Scriptics
 site late one Sunday evening and found Ajuba instead.

 I was *wondering* why dev.scriptics was down this Sunday and
 why TclURL hadn't been updated lately.

 Just a guess, but the lawyers and beancounters have no
 idea what Tcl is, and they might just end up throwing it
 back to Berkeley, which is fine with me. What we need is
 smart CS students with resources and time behind them
 to help out!

 Just don't let the sharks know there's anything worth eating
 in the water!

John Ousterhout writes in comp.lang.tcl : We'll have an "official" statement on this later today or tomorrow. The press release wasn't supposed to go out until late today; somebody at Interwoven jumped the gun and caught us unprepared. Sorry for the confusion...

Neil Madden writes in comp.lang.tcl: I see from their site, that interwoven are a M******** partner[1]. I hope this doesn't reflect their attitudes to open-source offerings (such as Tcl)...

DKF - It does look like (from http://www.ajubasolutions.com/company/whatsnew.html) this won't be all unmitigated sorrow though, since a number of products that Ajuba have been working on may well become OSS instead (the alternative, that they all vanish from the face of the world, is unpalatable to all concerned.) It does mean that the Tcl Core Team are going to have to get on with the move to SourceForge though. Oh well...

Ajuba was doing lots of neat stuff that has yet to emerge. Dan Kuchler, for instance, relates that one project involved construction of "a lightweight version of RMI as a Tcl extension ... [as well as] introspection into remove JVMs", with high performance (well, higher than conventional RMI). There was unification with COM interfaces, too, so ... well, it sure sounds cool.