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Purpose: to provide a top of page for links to the Tcler's Wiki pages (and external pages) proposing changes to Tcl, Tk, the Wiki, etc.

See also TIP which is the formal process for proposing changes to Tcl or Tk with an implementation. Also, the Tcl project at SourceForge has a Feature Request interface for ideas which you are not able at this time to implement.

I encourage you to flesh out your proposed enhancements or changes in as much detail as you can - even point to a URL of an implementation if you want people to try out your proposed change.

  • Tcl/Tk 8.6 Roadmap - discussions relating to the next maintenance and compatible enhancement release of Tcl.
  • Tcl 9.0 WishList - discussions relating to the next major release of Tcl ... a release potentially introducing incompatibilites.

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