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Summary edit

Richard Suchenwirth 2003-08-12 - In contrast to a basic editor which has quite some features, here's an utterly simple one which just allows to load and save files, and of course edit, and cut and paste, and whatever is built-in into the text widget anyway. And it has a bit "online help"... ;-)

For another study in literate programming, see A minimal editor explained.

For a slightly extended minimal editor with some fun (I think) additional abilities A minimally extended minimal editor. -- CB

Code edit

#! /bin/env tclsh

package require Tk

set about "minEd - a minimal editor
Richard Suchenwirth 2003
F1: help
F2: load
F3: save
pack [scrollbar .y -command ".t yview"] -side right -fill y
pack [text .t -wrap word -yscrollc ".y set" -undo 1] -side right -fill both -expand 1

bind . <F1> {tk_messageBox -message $about}
bind . <F2> {loadText .t [tk_getOpenFile]}
bind . <F3> {saveText .t [tk_getSaveFile]}

proc loadText {w fn} {
    if {$fn==""} return
    wm title . [file tail $fn]
    set fp [open $fn]
    $w delete 1.0 end
    $w insert end [read $fp]
    close $fp

proc saveText {w fn} {
    if {$fn==""} return
    set fp [open $fn w]
    puts -nonewline $fp [$w get 1.0 "end - 1 c"]
    close $fp

if {$argc > 0} {
    loadText .t [lindex $argv 0]
} else {
    .t insert end "Keys: F1:Help, F2:Open, F3:Save\n"
focus -force .t

Comments edit

DKF: Are you targetting 8.4 or later? If so, add -undo 1 to the options to text and get full undo/redo support. Easy!

HJG Added some minimal welcome-text.