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Knoppix is a Linux distribution that can be run from a cd-rom without having to be installed to a hard drive.

  • It can be installed to a hard drive if desired. The install is amazingly easier than the regular Debian install process.
  • It is based off the Debian distribution -- when installed to hard drive it becomes in all respects (except hardware detection?) a normal debian installation.
  • It is reputed to have some of the best hardware detection of all of the Linux distributions.
  • It is available for free download and is easily burned to cd-rom.
  • It is apparently relatively easy to modify to create special purpose versions or different collections of software packages
  • It seems to be becoming quite popular.

The best English site for information about Knoppix seems to be http://www.knoppix.net/ .

The official site for Knoppix is Klaus Knopper's website: http://www.knoppix.org/ . An important alternative entry point is "Knowing Knoppix" [1], which emphasizes, for example, use of Knoppix as a tool in recovery from Windows disasters. CL occasionally maintains a few other references [2].

peterc: It also makes a fantastic Linux rescue disk, with one of the best hardware auto-detection systems around.

Does Knoppix come with Tcl ? RS: Yup, according to [3] they include Tcl 8.4.4; tkcon is on their list of proposed additions.

Oh, come on, if you have Tcl, you have Tkcon... It's just one script. Most distros come with Tcl these days. Note that even Linux From Scratch [4] won't do without it: http://lfs.oregonstate.edu/lfs/view/stable/chapter04/packages.html - LES