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if 0 {Richard Suchenwirth 2003-09-03

Changes in iFile 1.1 (see iFile: a little file system browser)

General: The Props page is now called Info. With the About text, it now comes up first, to shorten startup time a bit. When Tree page is ready, it is raised like before. To build pages delayed, when first raised, is still to-do.

Files page: Hidden files (especially found in the \Windows folder) are now marked in blue. Such files can sorrily not be opened from Tcl - an "invalid argument" error is raised.

The Filter field is no more automatically reset when changing directories (MPJ request). You can always reset it to * with the * button.

File page: The page now has a toolbar:

  • "New" (blank paper): clear text
  • "Open" (open folder): brings up Files page, to select another file
  • "Save" (diskette): does "Save as", with filename and extension defaulted
  • Position: when tapping in the text, shows line.column of insert cursor (a rare luxury in M$ editors..) This is a camouflaged entry widget - select it, type a line number and <Return> to go to that line
  • Find button and entry: Type search term into entry, tap <Return> or the Find button. Found strings are highlighted in yellow (which comes out orange on iPAQ). The search wraps from end to 1.0 again. If the string is not found at all, "no find" is reported in the Position field.

Find mode can be selected on Setup page: -exact or -regexp, with or w/o -nocase.

The new Edit menu has the popular Cut/Copy/Paste entries. These work well in text and entry widgets, and from PocketWord to Tk. In the other direction, PW does not acknowledge clipboard contents from Tk. The "Select all" item works only on text widgets - triple-click to get all from an entry widget.

Modified text warning (AKG request) is not yet easily possible in Keuchel's 8.4a2 port, because the text widget has no edit subcommand. Will come, together with undo/redo, when Jeff's 8.4.2 flies.

Icons (mostly borrowed from BWidget) are now corrected (by scaling and then subsampling) in a never mapped .dummy text. This seems to keep semi-transparency and avoid later distortions.

The biggest change is optional: the U+ page displays the 256 characters of a selectable Unicode page on a canvas. Tap on a character to see it zoomed (with full U+.. displayed); tap on the zoomed char to copy it into the entry at top right, for building outlandish strings.

Set variable wantUnicode (at beginning of file) to 0 if you don't need or want the U+ page.

Note: the sourced files below are those from puts workaround and font families workaround. }
 #Title: iFile - a little file system browser
 set version 1.1
 set g(about) " iFile $version:
   a little file system explorer

 Richard Suchenwirth, Konstanz 2003
 Tcl/Tk:    [info patchlevel]
 Exec:      [info nameofexecutable]
 BWidget: [package require BWidget]
 set wantUnicode 1 ;# 0 if not
 set tcl_interactive 1
 set dir [file dir [info script]]
 proc source? name {if [file exists $name] {source $name}}
 source? [file join $dir font_ce.txt]
 source? [file join $dir puts_ce.txt]
 set g(font) {Tahoma 7}
 option add *Font $g(font)
 set g(ufont) {{Bitstream Cyberbit} 10}
 option add *BorderWidth 1
 option add *Button*padX 0
 option add *padY 0
 set g(sortby) Name

#---- Directory tree routines
 proc drawTree {w} {
    $w insert end root _ -text / \
       -drawcross allways -image $::g(folder)
    openDir $w _
    $w itemconfigure _ -open 1
 proc openDir {w node} {
    set dc [$w itemcget $node -drawcross]
    if {$dc=="allways"} {
       set path [getPath $w $node]
       cd $path
       set dirs [glob -nocomp -type d * .??*]
       set parent $node
       foreach dir [lsort -unique -dic $dirs] {
          regsub -all {[^A-Za-z0-9]}\
             $path/$dir _ node
          if [llength [glob -noc -type d \
                [file join $path $dir *]]] {
             set dc allways
          } else {set dc never}
          $w insert end $parent $node -text $dir\
             -drawcross $dc -image $::g(folder)
       $w itemconfigure $parent \
          -drawcross auto
    set g(marked) ""
 proc getPath {w node} {
   set res ""
   while {$node != "root"} {
         set res [$w itemcget $node -text]/$res
         set node [$w parent $node]
   string range $res 1 end ;# avoid leading //
 proc selectDir {w dir} {
    global g
    if ![file exists $dir] {
       set dir [getPath $w $dir]
    cd  $dir
    wm title . [set g(2) [pwd]]
    $g(lb) delete [$g(lb) items]
    set mode -dic
    switch -- $g(sortby) {
        Name {set index 1}
        Type {set index 0}
        Size {set index 3; set mode -integer}
        Date {set index 5}
    set n -1
    set dirs ""
    foreach i [glob -noc -type d *] {
       set t [list . [format %-14s $i] -]
       lappend t [llength [glob -noc $i/*]] files
       lappend t [dateTime [file mtime $i]]
       lappend dirs $t
    foreach i [lsort $mode $g(dir) -index $index $dirs] {
       set t [join [lrange $i 1 end]]
       $g(lb) insert end  [incr n] \
          -image $g(folder) -text [string map {" - " \t} $t]
    set files {}
    foreach i [glob -noc -type f $g(filter)] {
       set size [format %5d [file size $i]]
       lappend files [list [file extension $i] \
            [format %-14s $i] - $size B\
            [dateTime [file mtime $i]]]
    foreach i [lsort $mode $g(dir) -index $index $files] {
       if [file att [string trim [lindex $i 1]] -hidden] {
          set fill blue} else {set fill black}
       set t [join [lrange $i 1 end]]
       $g(lb) insert end [incr n]\
          -image $g([fileimage [lindex $i 0]]) \
          -text [string map {" - " \t} $t] -fill $fill
    .n raise 2
 $g(lb) bindImage <1> [list  after 9 selectFile $g(lb)]
 $g(lb) bindText <ButtonRelease-1> [list  after 9 markFile $g(lb)]
 $g(lb) bindText    <Double-1> [list  after 9 selectFile $g(lb)]
   set g(filterCmd) selectDir
 proc fileimage f {
    switch -- [file extension $f] {
    .gif - .ppm - .xbm {return palette}
    default {return file}

if 0 {When a file is tapped on, a displayer is selected depending on directory attribute or extension:}
 proc selectFile {w item} {
    global g
    set fn [$w itemcget $item -text]
    regexp {(.+?) *\t} $fn -> fn
    if [file isdir $fn] {
       selectDir $g(tree) [file join [pwd] $fn]
    $g(text) delete 1.0 end
    switch -- [file extension $fn] {
       .txt - .tcl - .cfg - .htm {set t [readFile $fn]}
       .gif - .ppm {
         set t [render $fn $g(text) photo]
       .xbm {
       set t [render $fn $g(text) bitmap]
       default {set t [$g(unk) $fn]}
    if {$g(enc) != [encoding system]} {
       $g(text) config -font $g(ufont) \
          -height 14 -width 30
    } else {
       $g(text) config -font $g(font) \
          -height 20 -width 43
    $g(text) insert end $t
    focus $g(text)
    wm title . [set g(3) $fn]
    .n raise 3
 proc hexdump fn {
    set res ""
    set fp [open $fn]
    fconfigure $fp -translation binary
    for {set i 0} {$i<64} {incr i} {
       set s [read $fp 16]
       if {$s==""} break
       binary scan $s H* hex
       regsub -all (..) $hex {\1 } hex
       regsub -all {[^ -~]} $s . asc
       set hexpos [format %.3X0 $i]
       append res $hex \t\
          [format %-16s $asc] \t\
          $hexpos \n
    close $fp
    set ::g(3) $fn
    set res

#--- File processing routines
 proc copyFile fn {
    if {$fn==""} return
    set n [llength [glob -noc "Copy*$fn"]]
    set no [expr {$n? " [incr n]": ""}]
    file copy $fn "Copy$no of $fn"
    selectDir - .
 proc deleteFile fn {
    if {$fn==""} return
    set msg "OK to delete file\n[infoFile $fn 1]?"
    set answer [tk_messageBox -type yesno -default no -icon question -message $msg]
    if {$answer} {
       file delete -force $fn
       selectDir - .
 proc markFile {w item} {
    global g
    set fn [$w itemcget $item -text]
    regexp {(.+?) *\t} $fn -> fn
    if ![file exists $fn] return
    set g(marked) $fn
    $g(props) delete 1.2 end ;# keep icon
    $g(props) insert end [infoFile $fn]
 proc readFile fn {
    set fp  [open $fn]
    set t [read $fp 2]
    if {$t=="\xff\xfe"} {
       set ::g(enc) unicode
    } else {seek $fp 0}
    fconfigure $fp -encoding $::g(enc)
    set res [read $fp]
    close $fp
    set res
 proc newFolder w {
    file mkdir "New Folder"
    selectDir - .
 proc renameFile w {
    set item [$w selection get]
    set fn [$w itemcget $item -text]
    regexp {(.+?) *\t} $fn -> fn
    set fn2 [$w edit $item $fn newname]
    if {$fn2!=""} {
       file rename $fn $fn2
       selectDir - .
 proc newname fn {expr ![file exists $fn]}

#--- Procedure introspection
 proc listProcs {w {filt ""}}  {
    global g
    if {$filt !=""} {set g(filter) $filt}
    $w delete [$w items]
    set n -1
    foreach i [lsort [info procs $g(filter)]] {
       $w insert end [incr n] -text $i
    $w bindText <ButtonRelease-1> \
        [list  after 9 selectProc $w]
   set g(2) "iFile: procs"
   .n raise 2
   set g(filterCmd) listProcs
 proc selectProc {w item} {
    global g
    set t [$w itemcget $item -text]
    $g(text) delete 1.0 end
    $g(text) insert end [showProc $t]
    set g(3) "iFile: proc $t"
    .n raise 3
 proc showProc name {
    set args {}
    foreach arg [info args $name] {
       if [info default $name $arg t] {
          lappend arg $t
       lappend args $arg
    set body [expr {[info exists ::auto_index($name)]?
      "\n# $::auto_index($name)\n"
      : ""}]
    append body [info body $name]
    list proc $name $args $body

#--- Image viewer
 proc render {fn w type} {
    global g
    catch {image delete $g(i)}
    set i [image create $type -file $fn]
    $w image create end -image $i
    set g(i) $i
    return [image width $i]x[image height $i]
 proc infoFile {fn {brief 0}} {
    set res $fn\n\n
    append res "Folder:\t[pwd]\n"
    append res "Size:\t"
    append res "[file size $fn] Bytes\n"
    foreach i {atime mtime} {
       append res \
         "$i:\t[dateTime [file $i $fn]]\n"
    if {!$brief} {
      foreach {key val} [file attr $fn] {
        set k [format %-12s $key:]
        append res \n$k\t$val
    set res
 proc dateTime t {
    clock format $t \
      -format %y-%m-%d,%H:%M:%S

#------------------------- Image scaling
 proc scaleImage {im xfactor {yfactor 0}} {
    set mode -subsample
    if {abs($xfactor) < 1} {
       set xfactor [expr round(1./$xfactor)]
    } elseif {$xfactor>=0 && $yfactor>=0} {
        set mode -zoom
    if {$yfactor == 0} {set yfactor $xfactor}
    set t [image create photo]
    $t copy $im
    $im blank
    $im copy $t -shrink $mode $xfactor $yfactor
    image delete $t

#------ borrow images from BWidget:
 set g(images) {folder info palette new openfold save}
 foreach i $g(images) {
    set g($i) [image create photo -file $BWIDGET::LIBRARY/images/$i.gif]
 set g(file) [image create photo -data {

#-------- The notebook and its pages:
 NoteBook .n -internalborderwidth 0
 pack .n
 set 1 [.n insert end 1 -text Tree -raisecmd {wm title . iFile}]
 set 2 [.n insert end 2 -text Files -raisecmd {wm title . $g(2)}]
 set 3 [.n insert end 3 -text File -raisecmd {wm title . $g(3)}]
 set g(3) "iFile - No file selected"
 set 4 [.n insert end 4 -text Info -raisecmd {wm title . "iFile properties"}]
 set 5 [.n insert end 5 -text % -raisecmd {
   wm title . "iFile console"
   focus $g(ce)
 set 6 [.n insert end 6 -text Setup -raisecmd {wm title . "iFile setup"}]
 if $wantUnicode {
 set 7 [.n insert end 7 -text U+ -raisecmd {focus $g(uc)}]

#-----------------------------Tree page
 set g(tree) [Tree $1.t -width 27 -height 19 \
   -deltax 16 -deltay 13 \
   -yscrollcommand "$1.y set" \
   -opencmd [list openDir $1.t]]
 scrollbar $1.y -command "$1.t yview"
 grid $1.t $1.y -sticky ns
 $1.t bindImage <1> [list + after 9 selectDir $1.t]
 $1.t bindText    <1> [list + after 9 selectDir $1.t]

#----------------------------- Files page
 frame $2.f
 label $2.f.0 -text "Filter: "
 entry $2.f.e -textvar g(filter) -width 5
 bind $2.f.e <Return> {$g(filterCmd) $g(lb) .}
 set g(filter) *
 button $2.f.c -text * -command {set g(filter) *}
 button $2.f.up -text Up -command {
    if {[pwd]!="\\"} {
        selectDir $g(tree) ..
 set g(ab) [ArrowButton $2.f.ab -fg blue -activeforeground blue \
     -command toggleOrder -relief flat]
 label $2.f.1 -text "Sort by: "
 ComboBox $2.f.cb -width 5 -editable 0 -textvariable g(sortby) \
     -values {Name Type Size Date} -borderwidth 0
 set g(dir) -incr
 proc toggleOrder {} {
    global g
    switch -- [$g(ab) cget -dir] {
       top {set g(dir) -decr; set t bottom}
       bottom {set g(dir) -incr; set t top}
    $g(ab) configure -dir $t
    after 50 {selectDir - .}
 eval pack [winfo children $2.f] -side left
 grid $2.f - -sticky news
 set g(lb) [ListBox $2.l -bg white -height 15 -padx 18 \
    -width 27 -yscrollcommand "$2.y set" -selectmode single]
 scrollbar $2.y -command "$2.l yview"
 grid $2.l $2.y -sticky ns

#------------------------------- File page
 grid [frame $3.f -border 0] -sticky ew
 button $3.f.new -image $g(new) -command {$g(text) delete 1.0 end}
 button $3.f.open -image $g(openfold) -command {selectDir . .}
 button $3.f.save -image $g(save) -command {saveText $g(text)}
 entry $3.f.pos -width 7 -textvar g(textpos) \
     -borderw 0 -bg [$3.f cget -bg] \
     -just center
 bind $3.f.pos <Return> {
   $g(text) mark set insert [expr double($g(textpos))]
   $g(text) see insert
   focus $g(text)
 button $3.f.bf -text Find -command findText
 entry $3.f.find -textvar g(find)
 bind $3.f.find <Return> findText
 eval pack [winfo children $3.f] -side left -fill y

 grid [ScrolledWindow $3.sw -auto both] -sticky news
 set g(text) [text $3.sw.t -wrap word -height 18 -width 43]
 $3.sw setwidget $3.sw.t
 $g(text) tag config hilite -background yellow
 bind $g(text) <ButtonRelease-1> {+  set g(textpos) [$g(text) index insert]
 set g(textpos) 1.0
 proc findText {} {
    global g
    set w $g(text)
    $w tag remove hilite 1.0 end
    set from [eval $w search $g(findopt) -count len -- [list $g(find) "insert + 1 c"]]
    if {$from!=""} {
       set g(textpos) $from
       $w mark set insert $from
       $w see insert
       $w tag add hilite insert "insert + $len c"
    } else {set g(textpos) "no find"}
 proc saveText {w {name ""}} {
    global g
    if {$name==""} {
       set ext [file extension $g(3)]
       set name [tk_getSaveFile -initialfile $g(3) \
       -filetypes [list "{$ext file} $ext" {All *.*}]]
    if {$name!=""} {
        set fp [open $name w]
        fconfigure $fp -encoding $g(enc)
        if {$g(enc)=="unicode"} {
               puts -nonewline $fp \ufeff
        puts $fp [$w get 1.0 end-1c]
        close $fp
           selectDir - .

#------------------- (Propert)i(es) page
 set g(props) [text $4.t -bg [.n cget -bg] \
    -height 20 -width 45 -relief flat]
 grid $4.t -sticky news
 $4.t image create 1.0 -image $g(info)
 $4.t insert end $g(about)

#-------------------- % (Console) page
 set g(ce) [ComboBox $5.e -textvariable g(cmd)]
 set g(chist) {{}}
 $5.e bind <Return> "ceval $5.t"
 set g(ct) [text $5.t -height 14 -width 43 -yscrollcommand "$5.y set"]
 foreach c {red blue black} {
    $5.t tag config $c -foreground $c
 redef_puts $g(ct) ;# see [puts workaround]
 scrollbar $5.y -command "$5.t yview"
 label $5.l -text "\n\nIntentionally\nleft\nblank\n\n"
 grid $5.e -     -sticky ew
 grid $5.t $5.y -sticky ns
 grid $5.l
 proc ceval {text} {
    global g
    set cmd $g(cmd)
    $text insert end $cmd\n blue
    if [catch {uplevel #0 $cmd} res] {
       set tag red
    } else {
       set tag black
       if {[lsearch -exact $g(chist) $cmd]<0} {
         set g(chist) [lrange \
          [linsert $g(chist) 1 $cmd] 0 511]
         $g(ce) configure -values $g(chist)
         set g(cmd) ""
    set dir [file tail [pwd]]
    if {$res!=""} {$text insert end $res\n $tag}
    $text insert end "($dir) % " blue
    $text see end
 ceval $g(ct)

#---------------------------- Setup page
 label $6.info -image $g(info)
 message $6.00 -text $g(about) -aspect 1000
 grid $6.info $6.00 - -sticky nw

 label $6.0 -text Encoding
 ComboBox $6.enc -text Encoding \
    -textvariable g(enc) \
    -values [lsort -dic [encoding names]] -editable 0
 set g(enc) [encoding system]
 button $6.c -text system -command {
    set g(enc) [encoding system]
 grid $6.0 $6.enc $6.c -sticky news

 label $6.1 -text "ASCII font"
 entry $6.af -textvariable g(font)
 grid $6.1 $6.af -sticky ew

 label $6.2 -text "Unicode font"
 entry $6.uf -textvariable g(ufont)
 grid $6.2 $6.uf -sticky ew

 label $6.3 -text Unknown?
 ComboBox $6.uk -values {
   readFile hexdump
 } -textvariable g(unk) -editable 0
 set g(unk) hexdump
 grid $6.3 $6.uk -sticky ew
 trace variable g(sortby) w "selectDir $1.t .;#"

 label $6.35 -text File/find
 ComboBox $6.fs -values {
   -exact {-exact -nocase} -regexp
   {-regexp -nocase}
 } -textvariable g(findopt) -editable 0
 set g(findopt) -exact
 grid $6.35 $6.fs -sticky ew

 label $6.4 -text File/wrap
 checkbutton $6.wr -onvalue word \
    -offvalue none -command {
    $g(text) config -wrap $g(wrap)
    after 10 .n raise 3
 } -variable g(wrap)
 set g(wrap) word
 grid $6.4 $6.wr -sticky w
 #---- place-holder to push others up:
 grid [label $6.end -text \n\n\n\n]

#-------------------------- Unicode page
 if $wantUnicode {
  proc upages {} {
    for {set i 0} {$i<256} {incr i} {set a($i) ""}
    array set a {0 iso8859-1 1 "Extended Latin"
       3 Greek 4 Cyrillic 5 Hebrew 6 Arabic
      14 Thai  30 Vietnamese
       32 Currency 33 Symbols,arrows
       34 Math 36 "Circled char.s"
       37 "Block graphics" 38 Dingbats
       48 Hiragana,Katakana 49 Bopomofo,Jamo
       50 "Circled symbols" 51 Units
       52 "1.0 Hangul..." 61 "...1.0 Hangul"
       78 "CJK ideographs..." 159 ...CJK
       172 Hangul... 248 ...Hangul 249 Hanja
       251 "Hebrew dotted" 252 "Arab ligatures"
       254 "Arab glyphs" 255 Double-width
    set res ""
    for {set i 0} {$i<256} {incr i} {
      lappend res [format "%.2X %s" $i $a($i)]
    set res
 set g(upages) [upages]
 set g(ul) [ComboBox $7.l -textvariable g(up) -values $g(upages) -editable 0]
 trace var g(up) w {selectUnicode $g(up) ;#}
 set g(upage) 0
 label $7.0
 entry $7.e -textvar g(uselect) -font $g(ufont) -width 12
 set g(uc) [canvas $7.c -bg yellow \
    -width 230 -height 230 \
    -borderwidth 0 -highlightth 1 -takefocus 1]
 grid $g(ul) $7.0 $7.e
 grid $g(uc) - -   -sticky news
 $g(uc) create text 110 100 -text "
   This page will display a Unicode page

   Select a page (00..FF) in combobox.
   Browse neighboring pages with Up/Down.
   Tapping on a character zooms it.
   Tapping on a zoomed character appends it
    to the selection, so you can build up a
    Unicode string and later paste it.
 bind $g(uc) <Down> {
       incr g(upage); selectUnicode}
 bind $g(uc) <Up> {
       incr g(upage) -1; selectUnicode}
 proc selectUnicode {{page -1}} {
    global g
    if {$page==-1} {
       set page $g(upage)
       set g(up) [lindex $g(upages) $page]
    } else {
       set page [lsearch $g(upages) $page]
       set g(upage) $page
    set f $g(ufont)
    set c $g(uc)
    set y 6
    set 0_15 {0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15}
    $c delete all
    foreach row $0_15 {
       set x 10
       $c create text $x $y -text [format %.1X0 $row] -tag x -fill blue -font $g(font)
       foreach col $0_15 {
          incr x 13
          set d  [expr {$page*256+$row*16+$col}]
          $c create text $x $y -text  [format %c $d] -font $f\
          -tag c
      set x 10; incr y 14
    .n raise 7
    wm title . "iFile: U+[format %.2X.. $page]"
    $c bind c <1> "zoomChar $c"
    $c bind x <1> "$c delete zoom"
    focus $c
 proc zoomChar w {
    set it [$w find withtag current]
    $w delete zoom
    set pos [lrange [$w bbox $it] 0 1]
    set c [$w itemcget $it -text]
    set font [list [lindex $::g(ufont) 0] 30]
    $w create text $pos -text $c\
       -font $font -tags {zoom z}
    set pos2 [lrange [$w bbox z] 0 1]
   $w create text $pos2 -anchor nw -text \
       [format %5.4X [scan $c %c]] \
       -tag {zoom z} -font $::g(font) -fill blue
    set bbox [$w bbox zoom]
    $w create rect $bbox -fill white \
       -outline white -tag zoom
    $w raise z
    foreach {x y} $bbox break
    if {$x<0} {$w move zoom [expr {-$x}] 0}
    if {$y<0} {$w move zoom 0 [expr {-$y}]}
    $w bind zoom <1> [list append g(uselect) $c]

 proc m+ {menu label cmd} {
  .m.$menu add command -label $label \
       -command $cmd
 proc m++ {menu label} {
    .m add casc -label $label -menu \
         [menu .m.$menu -tearoff 0]
 . config -menu [menu .m]
 m++ file File
 m+ file Hexdump {
    $g(text) delete 1.0 end
    $g(text) insert end [hexdump $g(marked)]
    .n raise 3
 m+ file "New Folder" {newFolder $g(lb)}
 m+ file Rename {renameFile $g(lb)}
 m+ file Run {exec wish $g(marked) &}
 m+ file Copy {copyFile $g(marked)}
 m+ file Delete {deleteFile $g(marked)}
 .m.file add separator
 m+ file Restart {exec wish $argv0 &; exit}
 m+ file Exit exit

 m++ edit Edit
 foreach i {Cut Copy Paste} {
    m+ edit $i "event generate \[focus] <<$i>>"
 m+ edit "Select all" {
    [focus] tag add sel 1.0 end
    event generate [focus] <<Copy>>
 m++ image Image
 foreach i {3 2 0.5 0.33} {
    m+ image "Zoom x $i" "scaleImage \$g(i) $i"
 .m.image add separator
 m+ image "Flip LR" {scaleImage $g(i) -1 1}
 m+ image "Flip TB" {scaleImage $g(i) 1 -1}
 m+ image "Flip both" {scaleImage $g(i) -1 -1}

 m++ text Text
 m+ text "Save as..." {saveText $g(text)}
 m+ text Clear {$g(text) delete 1.0 end}
 m+ text Eval {
        set g(cmd) [$g(text) get 1.0 end-1c]
        ceval $g(ct)
        .n raise 5
 #m+ text Undo {$g(text) edit undo}
 #m+ text Redo {$g(text) edit redo}
 m++ sel Select
 m+ sel Color {append g(cmd) " " [SelectColor .c]}
 m+ sel Font {append g(cmd) " {[SelectFont .f]}"}
 m+ sel Proc {listProcs $g(lb) *}
 if $wantUnicode {
    m+ sel "Unicode page" {listUnicode $g(lb)}
 #----------- Final steps to get started:
 wm geometry . +0+1
 .n raise 4 ;# Props page at startup
 drawTree $1.t
 selectDir - /
 .n raise 1

# 8.4a2 workaround: transparency
 lappend g(images) file
 text .dummy
 foreach i $g(images) {
   .dummy image create end -image $g($i)
   scaleImage $g($i) 2
   scaleImage $g($i) 0.5

if 0 {# suggest maximising some of the elements CMCc:
 grid columnconfigure $1 0 -weight 1
 grid rowconfigure    $1 0 -weight 1
 grid columnconfigure $2 0 -weight 1
 grid rowconfigure    $2 1 -weight 1

# RS: For bigger screens, yes; on a 240x320 screen, I think it's not necessary.

2004-03-25: added "set tcl_interactive 1" for abbreviation convenience - RS

2004-7-31: There was a typo on proc newname
 proc newname fn {expr ![file exists $n]}

it should read:
 proc newname fn {expr ![file exists $fn]}

I already edited it in the main code.

is there a way to modify file extensions using the iPAQ windows explorer itself? JM - RS No, not that I'm aware of... but in iFile or tkCon you can always call Tcl's file rename ... :)

See also Command completion in the iFile console. Sepp is the successor to iFile, at least for RS.

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