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Pascal Scheffers:

wcf3 Chuck Ferril: Excelsior, Minnesota, USA

Reinhard Max - listening from Nürnberg, Germany

Michael Jacobson - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Kroc - La Rochelle, France

Eric Amundsen - Rochester, MN

LV: (picture that's 3 yrs old) = Columbus, OH, US

MS - Buenos Aires, Argentina

DAS - Sydney, Australia

PT - Bristol, England

It took CL all week to try clicking on an audio feed, which he found mostly a delight; he's still a long way from such twentieth-century technologies as photography, of himself in particular. CL's in Burlington, NC, at the moment. Thanks to Steve, Reinhard, Andreas, ... for setting up the feeds.

CMcC digging hearing peoples' voices and funny accents (which they lose when using tkchat)

RS could listen too. both at work and at home - a great experience! We should have more of that!

aricb caught a couple talks (in Seattle, WA, USA); thanks to all the people and companies who made the webcast and the conference possible.

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