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Summary  edit

Richard Suchenwirth 2005-02-27: Looking at bar charts in magazines, I had the usual idea: I wanted to have them in Tcl too, and on the iPaq.

AM As of version 1.3, this is also part of Tklib's Plotchart

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Description  edit

So in this weekend fun project, I started with pseudo-3-dimensional bars - a rectangle in front as specified, embellished with two polygons - one for the top, one for the side:
proc 3drect {w args} {
    if [string is int -strict [lindex $args 1]] {
        set coords [lrange $args 0 3]
    } else {
        set coords [lindex $args 0]
    foreach {x0 y0 x1 y1} $coords break
    set d [expr {($x1-$x0)/3}]
    set x2 [expr {$x0+$d+1}]
    set x3 [expr {$x1+$d}]
    set y2 [expr {$y0-$d+1}]
    set y3 [expr {$y1-$d-1}]
    set id [eval [list $w create rect] $args]
    set fill [$w itemcget $id -fill]
    set tag [$w gettags $id]
    $w create poly $x0 $y0 $x2 $y2 $x3 $y2 $x1 $y0 -fill [dim $fill 0.8] -outline black
    $w create poly $x1 $y1 $x3 $y3 $x3 $y2 $x1 $y0 -fill [dim $fill 0.6] -outline black -tag $tag

For a more plastic look, the fill color of the polygons is reduced in brightness ("dimmed"):
proc dim {color factor} {
   foreach i {r g b} n [winfo rgb . $color] d [winfo rgb . white] {
      set $i [expr int(255.*$n/$d*$factor)]
   format #%02x%02x%02x $r $g $b

Draw a simple scale for the y axis, and return the scaling factor:
proc yscale {w x0 y0 y1 min max} {
   set dy   [expr {$y1-$y0}]
   regexp {([1-9]+)} $max -> prefix
   set stepy [expr {1.*$dy/$prefix}]
   set step [expr {$max/$prefix}]
   set y $y0
   set label $max
   while {$label>=$min} {
       $w create text $x0 $y -text $label -anchor w
       set y [expr {$y+$stepy}]
       set label [expr {$label-$step}]
   expr {$dy/double($max)}

An interesting sub-challenge was to round numbers very roughly, to 1 or maximally 2 significant digits - by default rounding up, add "-" to round down:
proc roughly {n {sgn +}} {
   regexp {(.+)e([+-])0*(.+)} [format %e $n] -> mant sign exp
   set exp [expr $sign$exp]
   if {abs($mant)<1.5} {
       set mant [expr $mant*10]
       incr exp -1
   set t [expr round($mant $sgn 0.49)*pow(10,$exp)]
   expr {$exp>=0? int($t): $t}

So here is my little bar chart generator. Given a canvas pathname, a bounding rectangle, and the data to display (a list of {name value color} triples), it figures out the geometry. A gray "ground plane" is drawn first. Note how negative values are tagged with "d"(eficit), so they look like they "drop through the plane".
proc bars {w x0 y0 x1 y1 data} {
    set vals 0
    foreach bar $data {
        lappend vals [lindex $bar 1]
    set top [roughly [max $vals]]
    set bot [roughly [min $vals] -]
    set f [yscale $w $x0 $y0 $y1 $bot $top]
    set x [expr $x0+30]
    set dx [expr ($x1-$x0-$x)/[llength $data]]
    set y3 [expr $y1-20]
    set y4 [expr $y1+10]
    $w create poly $x0 $y4 [expr $x0+30] $y3  $x1 $y3 [expr $x1-20] $y4 -fill gray65
    set dxw [expr $dx*6/10]
    foreach bar $data {
        foreach {txt val col} $bar break
        set y [expr {round($y1-($val*$f))}]
        set y1a $y1
        if {$y>$y1a} {swap y y1a}
        set tag [expr {$val<0? "d": ""}]
        3drect $w $x $y [expr $x+$dxw] $y1a -fill $col -tag $tag
        $w create text [expr {$x+12}] [expr {$y-12}] -text $val
        $w create text [expr {$x+12}] [expr {$y1a+2}] -text $txt -anchor n
        incr x $dx
    $w lower d

#-- Generally useful helper functions:
proc max list {
    set res [lindex $list 0]
    foreach e [lrange $list 1 end] {
        if {$e>$res} {set res $e}
    set res
proc min list {
    set res [lindex $list 0]
    foreach e [lrange $list 1 end] {
        if {$e<$res} {set res $e}
    set res
proc swap {_a _b} {
    upvar 1 $_a a $_b b
    foreach {a b} [list $b $a] break

Testing the whole thing:
pack [canvas .c -width 240 -height 280]
bars .c 10 20 240 230 {
    {red 765 red}
    {green 234 green}
    {blue 345 blue}
    {yel-\nlow 321 yellow}
    {ma-\ngenta 567 magenta}
    {cyan -123 cyan}
    {white 400 white}
.c create text 120 10 -anchor nw -font {Helvetica 18} -text "Bar Chart\nDemo"
#-- iPaq specialties - not needed in general
wm geometry . +0+0
bind . <Up> {exec wish $argv0 &; exit}

SS: very nice, I wish there was a "porting" simple to use with CGI applications, i.e. generating an image.

JM 2005-06-21: If you feed the chart just with numbers less than 1. you will get an error caused by the incr being used with non-integer values.

instead of:
incr label -$step

set label [expr $label - $step]

in the proc "yscale".

RS: Good hint - thanks, fixed above.