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The following is a list of ideas for tcl or tk programs/demos/games that someone decided they wished was available.

Already done:

LV What is the goal of this page? I'm confused about what the items above are - a series of games and toys written in tcl?

HJG A todo-list if you happen to have time and no idea what to with tcl/tk.

DKF Sure, but what do they all mean? :^)

ATPI — Ambitious/Awesome Tcl Project Ideas edit

The following list contains (paraphrased) answers to the question "what are the coolest Tcl projects you can think of that you'd like to exist?" asked in the Tcl Chatroom on 2015-03-14. They are intended to inspire and provoke an ambitious Tcler as well as to outline what one would want the future of the language to look like.

The answers are sorted chronologically. New answers should be added at the bottom of the list.


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