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package. And when i tried to use TclX keyed lists, tclsh8.4 fail to recognise the commands. How to get TclX working under Tcl? And is TclX part of Tcl? if yes, why is it separate? Sorry new to this language. Lars H: Tclx is a package. You need to do package require Tclx to load it. But dicts are probably a better choice than keyed lists nowadays.

Ken Another question: How do i create an array of structures? Is it there any way of doing it besides manually naming it directly for example:
 set ArrayStructure(0.value) 1
 set ArrayStructure(1.value) 2

Lars H: Depends on how you implement your "structures". Maybe C struct is Tcl! will give you some ideas? But if you're new to Tcl then you're likely to be thinking in too C-ish terms about these matters. Perhaps a list of structs would suffice as good? Also take a look at the struct package.

LV It looks, to me, like some of the text above is missing.

AMG: To my eyes, none of the above text looks like it's missing. I suggest adjusting your monitor. :^)

Seriously, I'm not sure where the missing text went. Revision one of this page has the same problem.