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Arnulf P. Wiedemann

I am living in a little village in the south of Germany near Augsburg (Bavaria)

I have more than 30 years of programming behind me using languages like: Algol60, Pascal, BCPL, CPM-80, C, C++, Icon, Java, Tcl and also awk, sed, Javascript, [Objective-C], sh-scripts ...

After all the years I like mostly to program in Tcl/Tk

Programming with Tcl/Tk since 1995.

I have been and am using Tcl/Tk and Itcl in commercial applications in the company I am working for, mostly for client server applications (client on windows, server Linux/Unix protocol http using apache server and rivet, with oracle and mysql databases).

At home I am using Tcl/Tk and Itcl for doing a lot of stuff on my computers for example a GUI for administrating my CD's in a mysql database using ID3 tags or making a selection on that database and send that to xmms for playing etc. That was before I found snackamp.


  • tclurtp the low level part of tcluno [1] an uno interface for OpenOffice.org written in pure Tcl.

Work in progress:


Presentations on Tcl conferences:


One evening every month you can find me at TUGM: TUGM Home Page.

arnulf at wiedemann-pri dot de