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Summary  edit

Richard Suchenwirth 2006-01-24: Triggered by a question by lvirden on comp.lang.tcl, I hacked up this little thing that uses DDE to display the specified URLs, in order, in an Internet Explorer:
package req dde 

proc every {ms body} {eval $body; after $ms [info level 0]}

proc cycle _list {
    upvar 1 $_list list
    set list [concat [lrange $list 1 end] [list [lindex $list 0]]]
set URLs {
eval exec [auto_execok start] http://[lindex $URLs 0] &
after 10000
every 10000 {
    catch {dde execute iexplore WWW_OpenURL [lindex [cycle ::URLs] 0]}
vwait forever