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Basic Information edit

WhenSeptember 24-28, 2007
WhereOrleans Hotel,
New Orleans, LA Bourbon, United States
Email Contact[email protected]
Site ChairClif Flynt
Program ChairAndreas Kupries
ByTcl Association @ http://www.tclcommunityassociation.org/wub/index.html
ProceedingsPrinted at the Tcl Association Press @ Lulu
Online at the Tcl Community Association

Programme edit

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Miguel Sofer
  • Damon Courtney
  • Jeff Hobbs

Call for proposals is now up at: Tcl2007 Call for participation. If you want to get on the email list to receive future calls for participation, send your contact information to fox at nscl dot msu dot edu.

Here is a Tk viewer for MJPEG streams that can be used to watch the video stream from the conference.

LV Is there an audio stream as well?

MJ - Audio streams at http://{eu,us}.tclers.tk/conference.ogg (choose the closest one)

There's now a website for the conference at http://ghq.tcl.tk/ - feel free to contribute (posting and commenting doesn't require a password), contact stevel or stever if you'd like to edit). Or just browse the rogue's gallery.

Michael A. Cleverly is putting his notes/summaries of each talk up at the http://ghq.tcl.tk site:

LV Feb 27, 2007 - so, the tcl.tk web page for this conference calls it the 13th conference, and here on the wiki, it is referred to as the fourteenth. Hopefully this isn't a new Tcl 8.5 counting feature... ;-D

jcw - Nah, it's a convention. Same as for floors ;)

At the end of the previous conference, people thought the conference might be held in New Jersey.

BAJ aka SwankGuy, will be happy to help if it's in New Jersey (as he lives here, and works in Newark)

RLH If it is in NJ I am so there!!!

Is there anyone living in the New Jersey area who would track down locations, etc.? (How many attendees were at the 2006 con? What size venue is required? -- Dossy)

SRIV As of now, the plan is to hold the conference in New Brunswick, NJ. Details will be posted as soon as they are available, probably in November.

Dossy I've not been able to make a conference, but if it's in New Jersey or even ~2-3 hours driving distance from NJ, I will definitely be there. (I live in Butler, NJ.)

CLN I don't Tcl as much as I used to but NJ's a managable drive so I'd try to get there.

During late fall/early winter, 2006, the tcl conference mailing list discussed various locations and had volunteers from Louisiana step forward to help set the conference up there.

MAKR 2007-02-05: Has been quite quiet for while, here. Anything new?

LV Yes, look at the top of this page.

DRH Last year we talked about holding a code sprint at the same time the tutorials are going on. Will this actually occur?

Clif Flynt We are planning to have a small room that's not used for tutorials. Whether this is used for a semi-organized hack-a-thon, socializing, or whatever will be up to the attendees. If there's interest in something in particular (A complete Tile demo package?) we'll try to arrange it.

Everyone should notice that we've changed states - the conference will be in New Orleans, not New Jersey. It's really only a few letters different. RLH No it's not, there is a big difference. : \

LV "New Jersey" - "New Orleans" = "Jey Oan" ... or is it "Yeo Jan" or "Yo Jane"?

Listed below are some ideas for projects to undertake on the [Tcl Code Sprint 2007] [24] that will occur while the tutorials are underway. Please add/tweak/modify on the Code Sprint wiki page.

  • A complete Ttk demo package
  • Add tag indexing to the canvas widget, like the 3dcanvas widget has
  • Add zooming capability to the canvas widget. (This will likely require a TIP.)
  • Build a new full-featured, modern, cross-platform MUA in Tk
  • WSDL4TCL and handling of XML namespaces in SOAP clients.
  • Examples of using tcldb and forms designs to implement DB-driven applications
  • Installing the Tcl Plugin in the latest Firefox and Explorer
  • Invent a new email transport protocol that is more resistant to spam than SMTP and provide a sample implementation in TCL.
  • A Tcl/Tk framework for demos, so that an extension could register its demos and they would show up in the core provided program
  • Extend the tutorial material that is now a part of tcl 8.5 .

LES Building "a new full-featured, modern, cross-platform MUA in Tk" sounds pretty silly to me. There are plenty of good enough MUAs around, even in the most obscure platforms. What I'd love to see instead is a Tcl-based MTA. There are not many of them around, all of them are way too complicated, and a Tcl-based MTA would go very well with Tclhttpd in a Tcl-only box. A new mail transport protocol would be fantastic, though.

escargo 27 Sep 2007 - Was there ever the "Code Sprint wiki page" created? Was there Code Sprint at the conference?

MJ would like to thank everybody who have made it possible to follow the talks online. Very interesting talks and I think instead of keeping possible participants from going to the conference, it's actually a great advertisment for wanting to be there in person.

dzach 2007-9-27 Congratulations to the organizers and those who helped with setting up and operating of streaming video and audio. It was quite an experience. Thank you!

LES I was really impressed by the quality of the audio and video streams. Lesson learned: the right position for the camera makes a big difference. ;-) Thank you once again for this great opportunity to those like me, who live a bit too far and cannot be present physically.

LV As plans progress for the Fifteenth conference, to be held in Philly next year, it would be useful to discuss, as a community, what things could be done to make the conference an event that you would attend?

LV Well Ron's birthday cake looked good, and sounded good as we listened in on the audio stream to the town hall's consumption of the cake.

DKF: I developed the tcl::unsupported::disassemble command on the Tuesday (i.e. during the second tutorial day).

AM (5 march 2009) I am going to write an application that uses Kevin Kenny's Tclode described above - see Bernoulli