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What people are saying
 "it had to be done!" - acme

 "wicked!" - klsh

 "What, is this a joke?" - avik

 "In Soviet Russia, a beowulf cluster of these imagine you!" - slashbot

 Looks like another case of creativity somehow going completely awry ;)


jmn 2006-12-01 Hmm.. I don't know what relevance this page has to Tcl - but maybe we can create Tcl/BSD :)

EMJ 2006-12-01 But there is Etlinux!

UK which i found a better idea than forex busybox and was my reason to create this page.

LV I notice the creator linked back to the Perl page - I suspect the thought was that perl is powerful enough to be the language of an entire operating system.

Certainly Puppy Linux started out as a distribution with a lot of tcl/tk applications.

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