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"WSH" is an acronym for "Windows Script Host" (or "Windows Scripting Host").

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"The Microsoft® Windows® Script Host (WSH) is a language-independent scripting host for 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system platforms. Microsoft provides both Visual Basic® Script and JavaScript scripting engines with WSH. Microsoft anticipates that other software companies will provide ActiveX® scripting engines for other languages, such as Perl, TCL, REXX, and Python."

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Visual Basic and ECMAScript [6] are canonical WSH languages.

Among opportunities WSH affords: keystroke automation through usual Windows application menus.

See also Active Script, COM.

So, what are the Tcl scripting engines that connect WSH with Tcl?

escargo 6 Dec 2006 - Added [Category Testing] because automation of Windows events can be used for testing applications.

MG May 10 2011 - Has anyone ever used WSH from Tcl? I'd like to add the ability for people to write scripts/plugins for an app using WSH to make other languages available, but am not entirely sure where to start. Anyone have any examples or pointers they could share?