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Zipguy 2013-09-01 - You can find out my email address by clicking on Zipguy.

I've been looking around for "Font Choosers", and here are the ones I've found so far. Some of the screenshots are from my site, at http://www.geocities.ws/thezipguy.

You can feel free to edit this page, and add more "Font Choosers", if you find another one. A screenshot would be great, especially for comparison of features.

MG Tk 8.6 includes a built-in fontchooser, which uses a native dialog on Windows and MacOS X.

Zipguy 2013-09-09 - Wow! it looks great on Windows (which I'm using). I added it to the list of "Font Choosers", and added a screen shot of it also. It does show the list of fonts, by the name of the font, IN that font!

It's my new favorite. Thanks a lot for pointing it out to me, MG.

Various versions of "Font Choosers":

  • Was written around 2008 by Peter MacDonald, part of Wize (which I got working on Windows 7). I downloaded it from this site by going to the Download choice. It is part of ted (Text EDitor), which I fired up, picked font by Preferences->Appearance->Font, and got it a font chooser dialog like this (which gives me an error whenever I click on the 'Ok' button, although it does look good!):

  • Was written by someone way back in 1999, and Jeff Hobbs took it over, around 2001, is part of the BWidget package. I ran 'demo', which came up nicely. At tab number four, named 'Dialog', with the button called 'Font selector dialog', at the bottom section, called 'Other dialog'. You can see how I invoked it <here>. BWidget is part of ActiveState's release, if you have downloaded that. If you haven't, you can look at the source code at: [1], if you click on 'Files'. Sample:

The one above used to be my favorite, but that's because it looks so familiar to me, since I've been on Windows (now 7,) back when 3.0 came out.

But now, I have a new favorite, namely fontchooser, which is built-in to ActiveState's 8.6.0 release. Sample:

But, it is Windows only! I don't know yet, if tclkit-8.6.0-win32.upx.exe has it too, I hope it does!

MG It's not Windows only - the command is there on Mac OS and Linux, too. The dialog just look different on each platform; Windows and Mac OS both have native versions, while Linux uses one written in Tcl (looking at the source, it seems to be Keith Vetter's dialog above).

JOB - 2018-03-06

And here is one more dialog:

Another font chooser dialog - based on tablelist

WJG (07/03/18) The Gnocl offering is shown here. Display strings are configurable and the background window in this screenshot clip also contains instances of the font chooser button which triggers the launch of the dialog.