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My email is zipguypub9 <at> thefreesite.com please change the <at> to an "at sign".

I have written programs using TCL. Here are my wiki donations. I am an older fellow (pushing 57) who has experienced over 40 computer languages on platforms which range from many mainframes, to mid-tiers, to PCs. I like TCL. Wish it had a better IDE.

A few older programs

and other pages I've perhaps even started, or more likely, to which I've contributed:

{ZipGuy} 2012-Jul-23: FreePDF was was written in TCL in 2000, which is more than 10 years ago. I was trying to explore TCL and found out that I liked it. What I did was good. I wrote the first version of FreePDF, which had no competitors and DID work on Windows 98. "Create PDFs from Windows applications and avoid the cost of paying for Acrobat".

My site got mega-traffic. So much so, that I had to move my site multiple times. It got written up, favorably, in a monthly issue, in a half page article, of PCWorld in 2002. It had 90,333 downloads from PCWorld, and another => 168,000 from another site.

However it was rather multi-parted to download everything, and write the detailed instructions (which were exceedingly complex to maintain, never mind many versions of Windows ME/2000/XP/etc...). There have been many freeware programs written much better since, and which is, what I wanted to have happen. I provided the catalyst and others took it on. Yeah! It's no longer there, not sure if anyone is still interested in it. If you want a copy of it real bad, please E-Mail me, telling me why you want it, and it would have to be a good reason, for me, to consider sending you a copy.

{ZipGuy} 2012-Jul-23: Don't know if anyone E-Mailed me because I no longer had the internet. It was kind of expensive for me, so I cut it out. It does seem kind of strange behavior on the web since 2005, until 2012.

You can visit my site (which is still, kind of, under construction) here.

Here's the latest links to what I do have bookmarked in my browser (which is Firefox) and has lots of links.

It has both a wiki section (over 300), and a tcl section (over 200).

It's at http://www.geocities.ws/thezipguy/tcl/wiki.html

Here's the old links to 200+ to TCL files at

http://www.nonags.org/members/zipguy/tcl/TCL_Bookmark.htm .

The files are categorized by Starkit, @Wikii, Software etc.

Here's the (old) list of Wiki pages:


AMG: Just a note. Deleting a page is as easy as editing it to replace its entire contents with a single space. Deleting images, on the other hand, ... that I have not figured out. (update) I asked, and I'm told deleting an image requires a manual edit to the database. There's no user interface for it.