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Frameworks with which you can write web servers/applications in Tcl.

A list of web frameworks for Tcl  edit

Name License Requirements Status Features Description
ActiWeb XOTcl Production-ready, maintained XOTcl based with HTTP server, client, and web framework.
ATWF ? Tcl 8.6, TDBC ? ? An MVC web framework project.
EmberWeb BSD Tcl 8.5 Work in progress, active Routing. A simple plain Tcl Web framework for small systems.
FastWeb proprietary commercial ? Discontinued Appears to be dead.
HereTcl ? Tcl 8.6 ? An effort to strip down Wub to its essentials.
jimhttp MIT Jim Tcl Prototype Pure Jim Tcl HTTP server, [routing], templates, JSON generation and parsing, HTML DSL, persistent key-value storage and static variable persistence. A microframework prototype modelled after frameworks like Sinatra and Flask.
Mel's Internet Toolkit ? cgi.tcl Production-ready, last updated in 2010
OpenACS GNU GPL AOLserver or NaviServer, a database Production-ready, maintained The original Tcl web framework. Emphasises building community-oriented web sites and comes with many pre-built packages. Mature and very stable.
Rivetweb Apache Rivet Production-ready plugin handlers can be written separately for different sources of data (DBMS, Web services etc) and different formats/protocols (JSON, simple text...) XML-based templating engine
Spindle ? XOTcl Alpha, last updated in 2011 An MVC-style web framework.
Tanzer MIT TclOO Last updated 2015-12-18. Provides a pattern-based URI router, file service, CGI, SCGI and HTTP dispatcher, and can run as a pure HTTP or SCGI service. tanzer exists to provide an asynchronous web framework and service leveraging the inherent qualities of Tcl's event loop.
Tcl Web Application Framework MIT RivetCGI Production-ready but still in development, last updated in 2011
Wapp BSD Tcl 8.6 In production as of 2018, maintained Complete app in a single TCL file, small easy-to-learn API, CGI or SCGI or HTTP A simple, lightweight yet robust and secure framework for writing web applications implemented as a single file of TCL
Wibble The Tcl/Tk license Tcl 8.6 ? HTTP server, routing (zone handlers), WebSocket, JSON-RPC, SSL Provides routing via zone handlers. HTTP requests and responses are dicts.
Woof! BSD Tcl 8.6 Production-ready, maintained Work over the CGI or SCGI protocols with Microsoft IIS, Apache, Lighttpd and other web servers. Provides infrastructure for views and controllers in a class-based MVC architecture, routing (URLs mapped to controller classes), pluggable template engines, responsive design, themable, page localization. An MVC web framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.
Wub BSD 3-Clause Tcl 8.6 Production-ready, maintained A pure-Tcl web server and framework that uses coroutines. Runs this wiki.

Discussion  edit

dbohdan 2014-10-03: The table's current format is tentative. Feel free to add new columns for data that you think will help compare the frameworks, e.g., columns for individual features.


Gavino! You Forgot a few:

  • aolserver
  • ossweb
  • naviserver
  • apache rivet
  • apache websh
  • castle

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