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List and discuss the various options available to Tcl programmers who need a web server with Tcl scripting

Pure Tcl Web Servers:

  • tclhttpd
  • descendants of Stephen Uhler's (and Brent Welch's) [minihttpd]: one found in sdx, another one found in TIL.
  • Embedded TCL Web Server a 50 line trivially embeddable pure-tcl web server with SSL and Authentication
  • Wub
  • Wibble
  • castle
  • scwsd (delivers only static pages, but is written in Tcl)
  • Tatu, "a http 1.1 embedded web server"
  • DustMote
  • DustMote with Snit — Similar to DustMote but has partial HTTP/1.1 support and allows the user to define custom handlers for specific URLs.
  • Shrike is a small easily embeddable server, more capable than the very light servers (multiple simultaneous connections, multiple sites on different ports, can handle HEAD requests correctly, etc.), but much smaller and simpler than Wub or Tclhttpd
  • jimhttp (Jim Tcl-only)
  • T2WS - The Tiny Tcl Web Server is easily deployable and embeddable in a Tcl application

Web Servers which embedded Tcl:

Web Servers via remote protocol interfaces (SCGI/FastCGI):

Applications which embed a Tcl web server:

And also, any CGI-supporting web server, via ncgi.



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