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waX Me Lyrical is the successor to Swish.

It is built over TclDOM.

Roy Nurmi, assisted by Johann Tienhaara, has reworked most of Wax's source code. It relies on TclXSLT. Distributions will be built with Starkit.

escargo 05/05/05 - Nothing appropriate seems to be in the Starkit Archives [1].

[... Schema ...]

[2] (escargo 18 Aug 2005 - The last CVS commits seem to have been made in Jan 1999.)

I'd like to try waxml but I'm thoroughly confused as to how to download it. I went to SF but there's no package. I logged in to SF with cvs but when I tried:

% cvs co waxml

cvs server: cannot find module `waxml' - ignored

I then web-browsed the CVS database and found all the files in there are 2 years old. Even assuming it's been 2 years without change, how does one download the whole thing?

LV Ignoring the last updated issue, email the TclXML mailing list and ask there how to get the files...

WAX contains an embeddable xml editor in it, /cvsroot/waxml/waxml/lib/xmledit. Install it as an extension and try xmleditor.tcl from samples directory. Requires tcldom with libxml and libxslt support.

Xmledit can be called from application to create a xml editor widget that is created based on xml schema. It does not support all bells and whistles in a xml schema, but for moderate schemas it draws a quite nice user interface for editing the xml file.

Roy Nurmi