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multicolumn listbox presents the various methods and widgets for displaying multiple columns of data

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Description  edit

There are many ways of constructing simple table without using any specialized table widget. For example, packing a list of listboxes; layout many a entry / label using grid geometry manager of tk or the much older table geometry manager from BLT.

Widgets  edit

includes an example of a muli-column list
pure Tcl, edit, images, sort, reorder columns. A community favourite
pure Tcl
blt heirtable
images?, heirarchical, sort
mkWidgets listcontrol
creates a widget command called table and installs its doc as tkTable (even though to require the package, you use Tktable). Provides a widget with rows and column display. Think framework on which you can display tabular data or even build up to a spreadsheet.
incr Tk TableList
WISH List ,by David McClamrock
A minimal multi listboxes megawidget
displaying tables
spreadsheet/table widget
table widget
table listbox widget
A minimal table example
Draw a table on a canvas
tree table
MegaWidget for tabular data

Single field spanning multiple columns  edit

BWidget ListBox

Discussion  edit

LV 2007-12-18: I was looking at http://extjs.com/ , which provides a JavaScript table with many useful features. One of the features that I particularly liked was how by default, if the user makes a change in a table cell, the widget adds a tic mark indicating that it has been changed. That isn't the only nice feature - but certain one that I found appealing. Does anyone know of a Tk based table widget that provides that sort of functionality built in?