Updated 2012-01-26 22:34:36 by RLE

RS uses Magic SS [1] which is only 8K executable, but produces 276KB .bmp output (so best delete soon) - associated with a hardware button, its operation is pretty nice. I then typically load the mirrored copy (docked) of the .bmp into an image editor and convert it to JPEG there.

[gg] also now uses Magic SS, but does not delete the files afterwards and instead converts them to a smaller images format using XnView Pocket [2].

MPJ uses CaptCe with a little tclsh script to snap a picture and copy it off his PocketPC. First get the correct version of CaptCe for SH3[3], ARM[4], MIPS[5]. Put the file captce.exe into the root of your PocketPC. You will also need ceexec, cecopy, cedel from Rainer's site [6]. Then use the script below to take a picture, copy it to your desktop and display it. I later than change from a bmp to a jpg with a image editor.
 ## copy screen - put the correct version of captce (ARM,MIPS,SH3) in the root of your pocketpc

 exec ceexec /captce.exe
 ## wait for picture to be taken (beeps a couple of times)
 after 1000
 ## get picture
 set fnd_name {}
 set count 0
 foreach name [split [exec cedir.exe .] \n] {
   if {[file extension $name] == ".BMP"} {
      set fnd_name $name
 if {$fnd_name == ""} {exit}
 puts "Found file: $fnd_name"
 exec cecopy ce:/$fnd_name pc:.
 puts "Copy file from pocketpc to desktop" 
 exec cedel $fnd_name
 puts "deleting file on pocketpc"
 eval exec [auto_execok start] $fnd_name &

HZe: also nice: a remote display of the PocketPC screen on the windows desktop:[7]. The download page says it's for english windows desktops only. I tried it on my german windows, and it worked. But you have to start a kind of server on the PocketPC and the client on the windows desktop. Using this tool, a screenshot can be created on the windows desktop easily.

HZe: and another one, which captures the screen from the windows desktop when the PocketPC is connected: [8]