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Summary  edit

Richard Suchenwirth 2003-07-05: Another look into my games cupboard brought forth this quiz, which used to be quite popular with children (in Germany know as "DenkFix"): find a word from a given category that starts with the letter selected by a spinning arrow. Simple, but it gave me another opportunity to practice atan2/hypot/sin/cos... So here's my version, runnable on PocketPC and elsewhere.

Description  edit

HJG: Spin-Button added... It would also be nice if the letter where the arrow points to would highlighted - especially if this is close to the edge of a letter-sector.

Larry Smith Park them on top of a graphical label as you plot them -- like a circle. When a letter is chosen, change the label of the previous answer to the dead icon and change the label of the new selection to your highlight icon.

uniquename 2014jan27

Here is an image that shows the Spin-button added by HJG. This image also indicates, when compared to the image above, that the 'category', shown just below the dial, changes with each spin.

This image is also proof that the Tk script runs on Linux as well as Microsoft Windows OSes.
package require Tk
proc main {} {
    global xm ym spinning
    set xm 118 ; set ym 135
    set spinning 0
    pack [canvas .c]
 # .c create text 120 10 -text "Hit any key to spin, and assign task"
    .c create text  90 10 -text "Hit any key to  spin,   and assign task"
    button .c.s -text "Spin" -command {spin .c spin}
    button .c.x -text X      -command exit
    .c create window 220 10 -window .c.x
    .c create window  86 10 -window .c.s
    spinarrow .c $xm $ym -tag spin -fill red
    bind . <Key> {spin .c spin}
    cdial .c $xm $ym 85 {A B C D E F G H
        I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z}
    .c create text 120 255 -tag task -font {Tahoma 12 bold}

set tasks {
    animal plant city river country profession {girl's name} {boy's name}
    mountain food {famous person}

#Draw and place the spinning arrow

proc spinarrow {w x y args} {
    set id [eval $w create poly {\
        30 0 0 50 20 45 20 135 0 155\
        0 200 30 170 60 200 60 155\
        40 135 40 45 60 50} $args]
    $w move $id [expr $x-30] [expr $y-100]
    $w scale $id $x $y .8 .8

proc spin {w tag {angle ""}} {
    global xm ym spinning
    if {$angle==""} {
        if $spinning return
        incr spinning
        set angle [expr rand()*0.4+.4]
        $w itemconfig task -text [? $::tasks]?
    rotate $w $tag $angle $xm $ym
    set angle [expr {$angle*.99-0.01}]
    if {$angle>0} {
        after 40 spin $w $tag $angle
    } else {set spinning 0}

proc rotate {w tag angle xm ym} {
    set coords {}
    foreach {x y} [$w coords $tag] {
        set r [expr {hypot($x-$xm,$y-$ym)}]
        set a [expr {atan2($y-$ym,$x-$xm)+$angle}]
        lappend coords \
            [expr {$xm+cos($a)*$r}] \
            [expr {$ym+sin($a)*$r}]
    $w coords $tag $coords
 #-- fix drifting during rotation
    foreach {x0 y0 x1 y1} [$w bbox $tag] break
    set dx [expr {$xm-($x0+$x1)/2.}]
    set dy [expr {$ym-($y0+$y1)/2.}]
    $w move $tag $dx $dy

#Draw a circular "dial"
proc cdial {w x y r data} {
    set da [expr {2*acos(-1)/[llength $data]}]
    set th 0.0
    set th2 [expr {$da/2.}]
    set r2 [expr {$r+20}]
    set r3 [expr {($r+$r2)/2.}]
    set outside {}
    foreach el $data {
        set x1 [expr {$x+cos($th)*$r}]
        set y1 [expr {$y+sin($th)*$r}]
        set x2 [expr {$x+cos($th)*$r2}]
        set y2 [expr {$y+sin($th)*$r2}]
        $w create line $x1 $y1 $x2 $y2
        lappend outside $x2 $y2
        set x3 [expr {$x+cos($th2)*$r3}]
        set y3 [expr {$y+sin($th2)*$r3}]
        $w create text $x3 $y3 -text $el
        set th [expr {$th + $da}]
        set th2 [expr {$th2 + $da}]
    eval lappend outside [lrange $outside 0 1]
    $w create line $outside -smooth 1
 Select random element from a list
proc ? L {
  lindex $L [expr {int(rand()*[llength $L])}]
#----------------- Let's go!
wm geometry . 240x268+0+0 ;# iPaq