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A really good quality font file, from Microsoft, it comes with Microsoft Office. It is not a standard installed Office component - you have to select it specifically (in the area where various extra i18n fonts are available). It is freely available for download from many sites. It is huge and contains big collection of characters.

Really useful for displaying CJK symbols. Example (it uses Perl+Tcl/Tk and heavily uses said font):

RS: An alternative is Bitstream Cyberbit, which used to be free, and now is less so - but google for "cyberbit download" for ways to get it. It works great with Tk on my Win95 box and iPaq - screenshot at i18n tester

LV I guess I'm a bit concerned about the term freely available above. Unless Microsoft states that the font is free to use on any platform, I would not allow my employer's computers to use it without appropriate licensing.

Who really wants to be dragged into court and charged with pirarcy?

schlenk This one is from the (discontinued) Microsoft core web fonts program, the End user license agreement can be found here: [1]

LV Well, to these untrained eyes (I Am Not An Internet Lawyer), that looks good. Where's the download that corresponds to that license?

NJG I have got both from here [2]

IDG My recollection is that the Arial font distributed under that license was not the unicode version, but an older one. It was certainly much smaller than the one which is posted at [3]

"The Scourge of Arial" [4]