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There are various filesystem tools are available for Tcl:

See Also  edit

Directory recursion
A Tcllib module for working with files and directories.
file manager
GUIs for working with files and directories.
Virtual filesystem.

Metadata  edit

A built-in command for working with files.
Playing with Windows file associations
Tcl Xattr Wrapper
Extension that wraps the syscall interface to allow Tcl programs to manipulate Linux filesystem extended attributes.

List/Search/Walk  edit

Another little file search
Finding duplicate files
globfind, by Steve Huntley
A fast and simple alternative to fileutil::find.
globx, by Matthias Hoffmann
List files or folders of a folder tree.
Largest files
Find files that exceed some threshold in size.
ls -l in Tcl
Windows file finder
How can I calculate how much disk space is being used in a directory
poDiff, by Paul Obermeier
Compares directory hierarchies.

Locking  edit

See How do I manage lock files in a cross platform manner in Tcl

Monitor  edit

Tracking Filesystem Changes, by George Peter Staplin

Path  edit

Making a Path Absolute
Relative File Paths
Tcl File Renamer
Rename and redate photo-files

Replicate  edit

Directory Tree Synchronization, by George Peter Staplin
ycl dir copynode
Copy a file or directory to an archival location, faithfully replicating any symlinks, recursively, in the path of the file or directory.

Statistics  edit

file size
A subcommand of file.
directory size, by [Fred Limouzin]
filesystem benchmarking
di, by Brad Lanam
A disk information utility, displaying everything (and more) that your 'df' command does.

Temporary Files and Directories  edit

Creating Temporary Files