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List where you are from and how to get in contact, if you'd like to meet other Tclers in your area.

Argentina edit

  • Paraná, Entre Ríos: Luis Alejandro Muzzachiodi (LAM), <lamuzzachiodi at yahoo dot com>

Australia edit

  • Sydney, NSW: Julian Noble, <julian precisium com au>

Belgium edit

  • Brussels: Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson, <dereckson at espace-win dot org>
  • Leuven: Jos Decoster
  • Bierges: Philippe Back aka PBA, <phil at highoctane dot be>

Brazil edit

Canada edit

  • Kamloops, BC: Pierre Coueffin, <pcoueffin at gmail dot com>
  • Montreal, Qc: [unperson], e-mail me at: <pnb12 at aol.com> It seems I am the only Tcler in Montreal!
  • Montreal, Qc: Stu - email me. ^^^ No, you're not!
  • Prince George, BC: Bill Poser = WJP
  • Saskatoon, SK: Steven Hepting, <shepting at gmail dot com>
  • Toronto Area: Greg Blair, 416-691-5619
  • Markham, ON: Matthew Lai, <mmlai at sympatico dot ca>
  • Vancouver, BC: Jeff Hobbs and Andreas Kupries at SuSE.

Finland edit

France edit

Germany edit

Hungary edit

  • Budapest: János Holányi == Csan

Iceland edit

  • Reykjavík: Zarutian mobile: 8664002 email: zarutian (at) gmail (dot) com.

Italy edit

Korea edit

  • Taejeon area: In-Hak Min - <inhak.min at gmail dot com>

Lebanon edit

  • Saida City , South of Lebanon. : Rani Fayez Ahmad superlinux . <ranixlb at gmail dot com> . Please remember! I am a Palestinian who lives in Lebanon.

Philippines edit

Poland edit

Portugal edit

Russia edit

Sweden edit

  • Stockholm: EF - email me

Taiwan edit

UK edit

  • Manchester/West Yorkshire: Donal Fellows (but I'm out of town frequently on business, so email well ahead of time to check if I'm about...)
  • Andy Gaskell: Andy Gaskell - email me

United States of America edit

  • Boston area: EKB - email me
  • Columbus, OH area: LV - email me
  • Dallas area: Andy Goth - email me
  • Kansas City area: Jeff Godfrey - email me
  • Los Angeles area: Will Duquette - email me
  • Central Michigan RFox - email me.
  • Portland, OR / Seattle, WA area: Joe Mistachkin - email me
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: escargo - leave a note on my page here
  • Utah: Michael A. Cleverly - email me
  • Northern Virginia: Cris A. Fugate - email me
  • New Haven, CT: tonytraductor - email me
  • Southern Mississippi: Roy Keene - email me (umm, your page here doesn't provide an e-mail address) (fixed, also most of the above do not have email addresses)
  • Seattle, WA area: BAS

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See also edit

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