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An input method editor is for editing input entered using a certain method suitable for the current character set.

Input Method Editors  edit

Entering Unicode characters in a widget
A tiny input manager, by RS
Easy input of Pinyin, by WJG
Also includes contributions by RS.
taiku goes multilingual
hgedit, by TV
KHIM, or Kevin's Hacky Input Manager, by KBK

Description  edit

For some languages, such as English, the input method for characters is simple: Type the key that corresponds to the character. For other character sets, such as Chinese, entering a character is more involved. The are multiple methods to choose from, such as typing in Roman characters that approximate the sound of the desired Chinese character, or entering a series of character components in a certain order. Input method editors come in handy when working with such input methods.

Windows and MacOS include various method editors that can be enabled for different langauges. Under X11, there are several apps for providing assistance in getting the characters input.

Up through Tk 8.5a1, developers working with LV have found that they have not been able to get the built in Tk input method support to work on SPARC Solaris machines. However, with the patch at [1], tk applications now can interaction with kinput2 using the on-the-spot style of input method.

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Further Reading  edit

Input Method Framework Specification for Java
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