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(*Grumble, grumble* It's "alternative" or "extra", not "alternate". The latter means something like a seesaw. --KL) (Webster says that alternate means constituting an alternative (took the alternate route home. Besides, the seesaw definition fits - as one teeter totters back and forth between Tk and these additional extensions).

Purpose: document such Tk "widget sets" as the following. Please feel free to add more info, create specialty pages containing additional details, etc. point to reference material or images of the widgets, mention the platforms, etc.

See Alternative GUI toolkits for something different.
a C-based widget library adding visualization and other helpful Tk widgets
Tcl/Tk based widget library
includes a number of useful Tk widgets
eWidgets Toolkit
will be a new collection of extended widgets and dialogs for Tcl/Tk.
Donal Fellows's Tcl Archive
a number of widgets, including a percent progress bar, etc.
a C-based megawidget framework based on [incr Tcl] for combining Tk widgets into more useful forms. [incr Widgets] is a collection of such useful widgets.
a C-based Tk library that adds to Tk a variety of new image formats that can be manipulated.
a Tk megawidget support library, containing a variety of useful widgets.
includes a Tk plotting widget.
Pool, by Andreas Kupries
calendar widgets, etc.
a script-based Tk megawidget structure built on stooop.
a free cross-platform GUI toolkit built on top of Tk
written to support BrowseX, 95% of the code is from other projects
a C-based widget library which is based on the Tk code, providing a variety of new widgets.
build pie charts
VUW widgets
a module of TkTable
MegaWidget package
combobox, console, hierarchy list display, etc.
Tcl bindings for the Gtk+ widget set
TclMacBag, by Peter Caffin
provides modern Mac widgets and good Tile based fallbacks for other platforms

Also see the Tcl FAQ, part 5.

RLH : Those all seem to have something to do with Tk in one form or another. Gnocl does not. It is a binding for GTk+ and Gnome. It is awesome alternative to Tk and IMHO should be heartily embraced by the Tcl community.

WJG: Especially now that the core Gnocl widget set is available on Windows and MacOSx too!