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Useful Tk Widgets is a guide to available Tk widgets that are not distributed with Tk.

This is not a place for stand-alone Tk applications - that would be a page like Tk Programs or Tk examples. This is only for widgets - whether individual ones, packaged on the internet or code listed here on the wiki.

This is for Tk-based widgets, not widgets based on other toolkits.

See Also  edit

Alternate Widget Sets
a good page for groups of widgets, or widget tools, available as packages/extensions on the internet.
contains a catalog of widget libraries
Overloading widgets
Widgets in the initial Tk package
It would be useful if all other widget pages had similar visuals

combobox  edit

see combobox

Date / Time  edit

A little date chooser
select a day/month/year
An i15d date chooser
an evolution of A little date chooser, provieds a number of languages for the days of the week and month names.
tklib's datefield
tcl-only datefield
like datefield but doesn't depend any third-party code.
All in one spinbox.
A spinbox widget that only allows valid times to be entered.
Time entry that never contains invalid data

Dial  edit

Dial widget

Dialog  edit

See Dialog.

DOM  edit

DOM related megawidgets

Forms  edit

create Tk forms on the fly from XML

listbox  edit

see listbox

Measurement  edit

Table  edit

See Multicolumn listbox

Image  edit

handles various image formats beyond what is provided by standard Tk

text  edit

See text
ScintillaTk, by Brian Griffin
modeled after text, driven by Scintilla

Tabbed  edit

another tabbed notebook megawidget

Hypertext  edit

A little hypertext system
display followable links

listbox  edit


Frames  edit

A scrolled frame

Keyboard  edit

Keyboard widget
iKey: a tiny multilingual keyboard
an evolution of Keyboard widget

Plotting  edit


Scrolling  edit

Tklib autoscroll
Internal scrollbars
widget and accompanying scrollbar in one border
a generic scrolled widget implemented in snit
A scrolled frame
Scrolling widgets without a text or canvas wrapper
A Scrolled Widget implemented with TclOO
Scrollable Pane
Virtual Scrolling

treeview  edit

See treeview