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macOS (previously Mac OS X) is the UNIX operating system for the Apple [1] Macintosh Computer. The earlier version, which was not a UNIX, is called MacOS Classic to differentiate it from the present generation.

The archive for the main MacOS Tcl mailing list appears at https://sourceforge.net/p/tcl/mailman/tcl-mac/

See Also  edit

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Discussion  edit

DKF vaguely remembers the Apple ][, which is kind-of awkward to type in the Wiki... LV has several models of these still... a II, IIgs and probably a IIe somewhere in the house. I don't think anyone ever successfully got Tcl running on an Apple II though.

MG Has anyone seen any speed issues with Tk on MacOS recently? I have an app that works fine in Windows, but on MacOS X (10.5, I believe, under Aqua and X11), all the people who've tried it have reported that the text widget is very slow when inserting and scrolling (both of which are performed as part of one operation) lots of short lines in one go. (I don't have access to a MacOS system myself atm, and am reluctant to report it as a bug or anything like that. But I'm a bit suprised at the apparant difference between Windows and MacOS.) I've even tried timeing all the operations, and get very reasonable figures, but the users still report that it's very slow to update on screen (anything from 3-10 times slower than on Win XP). This is wrapped with the latest Tclkit, by the way (which is 8.5.1). Thanks for your help.