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TclTk Aqua Batteries-Included is a freely available Batteries Included binary distribution of the MacOS X native Tcl/Tk and over fifty popular extensions. It is a superset of ActiveTcl (on other platforms). TclTkAquaBI is maintained by Daniel Steffen.

About it, Steve Landers remarked, "Daniel's work on the Mac 'Batteries Included' is particularly noteworthy .... it makes it trivially easy for non-Mac people to move their Tcl/Tk scripts to that platform ..."

Smaller distributions of MacOS X Tcl/Tk only, and of a self-contained Wish application (similar to TclKit), are also available.

The distributions are downloadable as compressed disk images from the file area [1] of the Tcl/Tk Aqua sourceforge site.

The latest downloads require MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) or later, and are fully compatible with MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger); note that Tiger already includes a subset of TclTkAquaBI (from the release) [2]. MacOS X 10.2 and earlier are no longer supported.

Visit http://tcltkaqua.sourceforge.net/ for more details and direct download links.

See below for a list of packages included with the latest TclTkAquaBI 8.4.10 release, note that this also includes binaries of the Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.5a3 alpha release.

Most packages are built from the HEAD (resp. tip of core-8-4-branch) of their CVS repositories as of 2005-06-06 14:00:00 GMT (or from the latest tarballs where there is no CVS access), see [3] for details; with some patches [4] applied.

The tools used to build the distribution (including the installer packages & disk images) are available [5], including archives of the exact (unpatched) sources [6] used to build the distribution.

Also at that location are individual tarballs of the binaries [7] and installer packages [8] contained in the distribution.

The Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.5a3 alpha release is installed in addition to 8.4.10; both releases coexist peacefully inside the Tcl/Tk frameworks. The default binaries continue to be 8.4, e.g. tclsh is tclsh8.4, and Tcl.framework/Tcl is 8.4; but tclsh8.5, wish8.5, Tcl.framework/Versions/8.5/Tcl etc. are also available, as is the html documentation for 8.5.

Tk/X11 8.4.10 built as a framework is installed as an additional framework version in Tk.framework, and 'wish-X11' is the standard unix X11 wish binary. Note however that none of the Tk extensions in the distribution are available from Tk/X11 as they are linked against Tk/Aqua.

Note the presence of both Tclkit, Tclkit-X11 and Wishkit; these allow the running of starkits under Tk/Aqua or Tk/X11: tclkit contains Tk/Aqua and tclkit-X11 contains Tk/X11, these are single-file (unbundled) executables, whereas Wishkit is an application bundle tclkit-analogue containing Tk/Aqua.

The distributions use the standard Apple Installer, allowing users to install all or only some of the packages included. The BI installer is also easily adapted to include only a subset of the bundled packages for building customized distributions.

The TclTkAqua BI distribution is available free of charge for any use permitted under the open-source BSD License [9], including use in commercial products. However, given that the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the distribution requires a significant amount of time, donations [10] supporting the future development of TclTkAquaBI are certainly greatly appreciated.

Packages included with the TclTk Aqua BI distribution:

Tcl-Tk-Aqua 8.4.14 is announced: [ ]http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.tcl/browse_frm/thread/b148641d74b53246

[ Daniel Steffen 6/June/05 ]